hedgehogs are cute harmless little creatures - unless you are a grounded bat

Bats down your chimney?

Bats are having a tough time this summer. They have highly refined echolocation, which means that they can exploit a niche and forage at night. They have hardly any competition for food and hardly any predators (just tawny owls, mostly). The heavy rain this summer has created problems for them though. They might emerge from …

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A brown long eared bat perched on the trunk of a tree looking directly at the camera

From Bats to Sheep

For the past 15 years I’ve been involved with bats. I lived in an old house in rural Lake District, and found that bats kept getting in. I phoned for more information and before I knew it I was crawling about in other peoples’ lofts looking for bat poo. I even went abroad on bat …

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