Chimney Balloon

Chimney Sheep Vs The Chimney Balloon

A few customers have asked whether there are have been any comparative reviews between Chimney Sheep™ and Chimney Balloon. I’ve got the greatest respect for David Woodman, who came up with a solution to the problem of heat loss up chimneys in the 1980’s. Since then Chimney Balloon has become the “Hoover” of chimney draught …

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Chimney Sheep EGEA Green Economy winner 2013

Chimney Sheep Winner in Green Economy Awards!!!!

The Green Economy Awards celebrate the pioneers of Britain’s brave new green economy. The awards recognise excellence in environmental responsibility, reconfiguration of business models around sustainability principles, and the unsung heroes of the environmental services industry. They are the UK’s most comprehensive awards on the subject. With categories for sectors such as sustainability, green data, …

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