terraced row of houses with four chimney pots per stack each needing a chimney sheep

How to cold-proof your home: the do’s and don’ts

Where do cold draughts come from? The Draught Proof Advisory Association have a whole range of tips for how to draught-proof your home and make it more comfortable. The main sources of cold draughts are: • Through letterbox openings • Around windows • Around or under doors • Through keyholes • Through holes drilled for …

wind noise: a depiction of a whirling wind monster trying to get down the chimney but blocked out by a chimney sheep

How to stop wind noise down the chimney

We often get asked about wind noise in the chimney, and how to prevent it. Noisy chimneys can be very annoying, and when you are tucked up snug and warm in your home you don’t want to be reminded of how ferocious the weather is outside! What causes wind noise in a chimney? You could …

diagram of house showing all the places through which cold air might enter and cause cold draughts, with Chimney Sheep logo

How do cold draughts get into the home?

Who knows what the winter will bring? More beasts from the east / pests from the west? Or mildness and Christmas daffodils? The weather is so unpredictable but there’s one thing that’s for sure: the days will get shorter and the nights will get longer, and with that the number of hours of natural warming …

a collection of clothes moths stuck to a sticky pheromone trap

How to manage clothes moths in the home

We are often asked how our wool is treated against moths, and whether it’s possible to purchase the treatment from us. All our Herdwick wool for Chimney Sheeps is plasma treated with Ionic Protect, which changes the ionic charge of the wool and means that the clothes moth no longer recognises it as wool. It’s …

A grey tabby cat stuck in a covered chimney!

How to stop cats getting up the chimney

What does the Chimney Sheep do? The chimney sheep was invented to stop warm air from escaping up the chimney. Having been concerned with saving energy and resources for most of my adult life, when I became aware of 1/ how much heat is lost up chimneys and 2/ how many open chimneys there are …

Cold chimney - fit a Chimney Sheep and make huge energy savings

Chimneys: Hidden Source of energy savings

Lancaster University recently teamed up with Cumbria Eco-firm Chimney Sheep Ltd for a collaborative piece of work to calculate the energy savings of the Chimney Sheep. Chimney Sheep Ltd manufacture and sell an innovative energy saving chimney draught excluder. Made of felted sheep wool, the Chimney Sheep® fits snugly into the chimney throat just above …

Air pollution over London

Air Pollution – one more reason to block a chimney!

Air pollution is responsible for 40,000 premature deaths in the UK. More than half of these are attributed to diesel fumes. Breathe London gives advice about pollution and how to reduce exposure to it. To avoid pollution in the home they advise: “Insulating your home will not only prevent heat escaping, reducing heating bills, but also help to reduce the amount of outdoor air pollution entering”. Having an open chimney is like leaving a window open all the time.