A Herdwick Sheep - the natural source of the felt for a Chimney Sheep - Cold draught stopper

Stop cold draughts – It’s never too late to stick a sheep in your chimney

October and November are the peak months for getting the home insulated, ready for the onslaught of winter. By this end of the winter homeowners are thinking of spring things, garden improvements and all that. As the days are getting noticeably longer, it becomes easier to tolerate the cold draughts for a couple of months more, and get around to draught busting later in the year. However the Chimney Sheep will make a massive difference to the cold draughts right now, and will continue giving benefits throughout the summer months.

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Image of grey tabby cat lain infront of a fire

Sheep could be best company for pets left home alone

Creature comforts cost home owners £78 million according to a new survey by the Energy Saving Trust.

A recent survey by the Energy Savings Trust found that half of pet owners leave the heating on for their dog or cat while they are out for the day. While this is costing around £140 per year, a single visit to the vets’ can cost this much, so the cost of the indulgence is not a big incentive to make an energy saving at the expense of our pets’ comfort.

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A row of typical british houses during the day.

What’s the difference between insulation and draught exclusion?

Chimney Sheep® draught excluders explores the difference between home insulation and draught exclusion – article by @ChimneySheep Chimney Draught Excluders. “Insulation” and “draught exclusion” are often used interchangeably, and any search for draught excluders will come up with insulation products, and vice versa. I had a query from a customer who wanted to know whether …

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