how to use a chimney sheep diagram

Cost-benefit of insulation measures

  It’s getting to that time of year when we start thinking of draught-proofing and insulating our homes against the onslaught of winter. There are a host of measures that can be implemented, from small cheap and easy DIY measures, to work that involves more expensive upheaval. But the more you pay, the more you …

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herdwick sheep perched on a craggy rock symbolise the durability of the Chimney Sheep

Durability incorporated by design

In 1924 the Phoebus cartel of four major light bulb manufacturers got together and agreed that rather than compete with each other for their light bulbs to be better / stronger / last longer, they would all limit their bulbs’ life to 1000 hours. That way they would all sell more bulbs. This is a …

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Does it stop wind noise?

We get asked this a lot. The short answer is, yes it will! If you put a thick layer of felted wool in your chimney then it will muffle the noise of the wind. However all chimneys vary, and house locations vary, so it really depends upon where you live and how much your house …

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Chimney Sheep owner Sally Phillips interrogates Kevin McCloud about how much carpet is chucked away at the end of a Grand Designs live show

Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs Live Green Hero

Kevin’s Green Heroes was first launched at Grand Designs Live London in 2010 inspired by his passion for innovative eco-friendly product design and green building products. This dedicated feature that sits in the heart of the live show gives a platform to un-sung product designers to showcase their innovations and designs to a large audience, …

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A Bat taking off from its roost into the night

Sheep Protects Pensioner from Bats

Mrs Emley was perfectly happy with the bats living in her chimney. Living in a rural idyll in the Lake District, being surrounded by nature is part of what she loves about her beautiful house. But when the nature started taking a turn the wrong way, and exited the chimney via her bedroom fireplace rather …

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smokey chimneys with with caption if all 11 million homes with an open chimney fitted a chimney sheep we'd save 1% of the nation's carbon output

Insulation Industry Misses Easy Save

It is estimated that there are around 12 million homes in the UK with open chimneys, but information about their impact on household heat loss is sketchy. The Buildings Research Establishment, who are the source of all the data for SAP calculations that give us our energy performance certificates and such like, estimate that 40 …

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A prototype chimney sheep made with felted wool and a bamboo handle

Handle saga

Do you ever have Adele songs going round your head? At the moment she’s turning tables – it’s not even a song I like that much, so I don’t know it that well and the same bit keeps going through my head. I know I’m supposed to be writing about Chimney Sheep™ but it’s hard …

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Sally Phillips holding two Chimney Sheep infront of a flock of herdwick sheep with the picteresque Lake District in the background

Grand Designs Live Autumn 2014

Each year Kevin McCloud hand picks a selection of the best eco-innovations on the market. As the face of the Grand Designs brand, Kevin McCloud has documented hundreds of buildings over the past two decades. This has given Kevin an enormously wide knowledge of materials, the latest technologies and new sustainable practices out there in the construction …

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Herdwick ewe and lamb at Crummockwater

Summer Sheep

It’s summer! Sales have quietened off but there’s still a steady flow of orders. So why would you want to buy a sheep in the summer? Well, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, a lot of people bung up the chimney at the end of the winter, to reduce draughts over the summer while …

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A Pallet of tools wrapped with black shrink wrap

Chimney Sheep launches in America!

It’s the end of March and it’s the first decent frost we’ve had all year! It always seems to happen when the lambs come along, but they seem to cope with it. It’s been a long dark torrentially wet but mild winter here in the UK. The same weather pattern has caused unprecedented cold weather …

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