An infared image showing the effectiveness of a chimney sheep in preventing heat loss

Hot Chimney, Cold Chimney

On the 15th January 2013 it was -13°C. On the 15th January 2014 it was plus 13°C. 26 degrees difference! Bulbs are growing, birds are singing…is that the end of the winter? But even in these mild temperatures, heat is shooting up chimneys across the country. Have you tried the stack effect calculator? With a …

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Chimney Balloon

Chimney Sheep Vs The Chimney Balloon

A few customers have asked whether there are have been any comparative reviews between Chimney Sheep™ and Chimney Balloon. I’ve got the greatest respect for David Woodman, who came up with a solution to the problem of heat loss up chimneys in the 1980’s. Since then Chimney Balloon has become the “Hoover” of chimney draught …

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Chimney Sheep EGEA Green Economy winner 2013

Chimney Sheep Winner in Green Economy Awards!!!!

The Green Economy Awards celebrate the pioneers of Britain’s brave new green economy. The awards recognise excellence in environmental responsibility, reconfiguration of business models around sustainability principles, and the unsung heroes of the environmental services industry. They are the UK’s most comprehensive awards on the subject. With categories for sectors such as sustainability, green data, …

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Sally owner of Chimney Sheep - standing by full shelves of Chimney Sheep

It’s Our Anniversary!

It’s our anniversary! One year ago in August the first sheep was sold. One year ago in September Chimney Sheep Ltd was incorporated. So what’s happened in that time? The product range has grown from 3 to 9 sizes of sheep, as people have kindly got in touch with their various chimney dimensions. The product …

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Chimney Sheep logo

The Saga of the Logo

As I’ve said, when developing Chimney Sheep I tended to focus on one bit at a time. A few times along the way people asked me about my logo. I was aware that I would need something, but I thought it was a small thing that would be a bit of fun to create in …

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High altitude bicycle repairs, along the Helvellyn ridge

How do you eat an elephant?

Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bit at a time. This may sound a bit grim but it was actually the wise words of a bike training motivating man I was biking with recently… Enthused by the experience, my bike buddy and I have been taking on harder and harder biking challenges,  the most …

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Spring Lambs

Last time I wrote it was the middle of winter. Now it’s the first day of spring but it feels just as cold. I was going to write to celebrate the sale of my 1000th sheep, but that happened the week after I was interviewed on the Radio 2 Drivetime innovation feature and I haven’t …

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A young herdwick sheep and it's mother precariously perched on a mountain side.

Why Herdwick?

I’ve been asked a few times why I specifically use Herdwick felt. I’ve tried so many different blends, and Herdwick always comes out the winner. Although the Chimney Sheep™ is a very low tech product, it relies upon the felt to be the right texture to hold itself in the flue, without being so soft …

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chimney pots at Canpbelltown

Chimney Sheep. Is it Safe?

From when I very first had the idea, and started working on designs for the handle, I was concerned that the product must be safe for people to use. If you stuff newspaper or old pillows up your chimney then it’s your own problem if you forget they are there. If you are providing something …

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Namaste red metal heart

Chimney Sheep decorations

Hang a dangle from the handle and cheer up that fireplace when there’s no fire to brighten up the grate. And when all the decs come down in January, the Sheep dangle can stay. There’s all sorts to choose from. It’s not all hearts and stars, there are some wacky and colourful ones made out …

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Infrared image of house

Chimney Insulation

I really don’t understand why the issue of heat loss up chimneys is not more high profile. Fortunes are spent on loft and cavity wall insulation, double glazing and exterior cladding. Yet having an open flue is like leaving a window open all the time. Worse than that, because chimneys are designed to draw air …

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A prototype of the chimney sheep threaded parts


Oh, I did go on a bit about the handle design, didn’t I? Well you probably didn’t read it all the way to the end and I can’t blame you. Anyway, I said I’d write about the tooling adventure next but I promise I’ll keep it brief. The handle needed to be extendable, light, strong, …

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