BBA logo for Chimney Sheep

It’s official – we are BBA Certified!

We have exciting news! Last weekend, at the Futurebuild Show in London, we were awarded with our BBA Agrément Certificate. It has been a long road of rigorous product testing on The Chimney Sheep® but we now officially have this industry-leading certification. This makes us the only chimney draught excluder on the market to have …

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condensation on the window causing black mould - reduce damp by hanging laundry outside with a laundry mac

Five Ways to Reduce Damp in the Home

Damp is one of the biggest nuisances facing UK households today. A recent study from the Energy Savings Trust found that 37% homes incurred condensation problems and a further 28% experienced problems with mould. As well as being unsightly and rather pongy, there’s also evidence to suggest that damp in the home could be the …

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a collection of clothes moths stuck to a sticky pheromone trap

How to manage clothes moths in the home

We are often asked how our wool is treated against moths, and whether it’s possible to purchase the treatment from us. All our Herdwick wool for Chimney Sheeps is plasma treated with Ionic Protect, which changes the ionic charge of the wool and means that the clothes moth no longer recognises it as wool. It’s …

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