Namaste red metal heart

Chimney Sheep decorations

Hang a dangle from the handle and cheer up that fireplace when there’s no fire to brighten up the grate. And when all the decs come down in January, the Sheep dangle can stay. There’s all sorts to choose from. It’s not all hearts and stars, there are some wacky and colourful ones made out …

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Infrared image of house

Chimney Insulation

I really don’t understand why the issue of heat loss up chimneys is not more high profile. Fortunes are spent on loft and cavity wall insulation, double glazing and exterior cladding. Yet having an open flue is like leaving a window open all the time. Worse than that, because chimneys are designed to draw air …

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A prototype of the chimney sheep threaded parts


Oh, I did go on a bit about the handle design, didn’t I? Well you probably didn’t read it all the way to the end and I can’t blame you. Anyway, I said I’d write about the tooling adventure next but I promise I’ll keep it brief. The handle needed to be extendable, light, strong, …

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An autumn day looking over a lake in Cumbria

Door Lingerie

There’s no fighting it, summer is over, we’ve given up hope of an Indian Summer here in the Lake District, and are resigned to enjoying a cold and colourful autumn. Time to start saving the pennies for a ski holiday. And to start draught busting all over again. If you have a large hole with …

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A giant Herdwick sheep looks quizzically at the camera

Giant Sheep saves bat roost

I received a call from someone who looks after a big old property in the south Lake District that is rented out for holiday lets. Some guests had been very upset about bats getting in down the chimney and flying around a bedroom. So upset that they cut their holiday short. A voluntary batworker investigated …

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hedgehogs are cute harmless little creatures - unless you are a grounded bat

Bats down your chimney?

Bats are having a tough time this summer. They have highly refined echolocation, which means that they can exploit a niche and forage at night. They have hardly any competition for food and hardly any predators (just tawny owls, mostly). The heavy rain this summer has created problems for them though. They might emerge from …

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A brown long eared bat perched on the trunk of a tree looking directly at the camera

From Bats to Sheep

For the past 15 years I’ve been involved with bats. I lived in an old house in rural Lake District, and found that bats kept getting in. I phoned for more information and before I knew it I was crawling about in other peoples’ lofts looking for bat poo. I even went abroad on bat …

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The Chimney Sheep took two and a half years to go from idea to market ready product

We’re finally ready to go…

When I moved into my Victorian terraced house, I did two things. I opened up a couple of chimneys, and went about the place blocking draughts. I soon realised that I had created a massive hole through which all my warm air was being sucked out. While stuffing old clothes in to stop the heat …

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