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Chimney Sheep Press 2020

Here is a little look at some of the press articles we have been featured in during 2020!   Chimney Sheep® draught excluder The Times wrote a brilliant online and print article titled ‘How to save energy, but stay warm’ and included our Chimney Sheep® draught excluder as a must-have for draught exclusion, informing people …

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A Plant pot containing Chimney Sheeps felt shillies along with tree bark sheeps wool and rocks

Chimney Sheep Press 2019

Sally on a quest to help save the planet- Cockermouth environmentalist takes over field to give it back to nature   A huge article in our local Times and Star – All about our brand new field! The seven acre field which is located in Bassenthwaite is going to serve as a wildlife haven in …

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Herdwick ewe and lamb at Crummockwater

Chimney Sheep Press 2018

2018 was a quiet year for press – but a record year for sales ! With stock flying off the shelves even in the summer season it’s not surprising there was little time for articles and interviews! Whats the best way to block up our chimney ? A little plug in a Guardian article about …

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Sally Phillips owner of Chimney Sheep with dangling Chimney Sheep 12" Rounds behind her

Chimney Sheep Press 2017

After record sales in 2017 the Chimney Sheep name was becoming more and more well known. The company was looking to expand this year and further increase its sales and product range. Ahead of the Herd! A full page spread in Fires and Fireplaces magazine featured the Chimney Sheep. The article presented the Chimney Sheep …

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Cartoon Sheep looking at the chimney - almost as if he's thinking of putting a Chimey Sheep up there!

Chimney Sheep Press 2016

After a brilliant year of winning multiple awards- 2016 was a quieter year news wise . But it was a year of record sales, and our first international publication! Hot Tips for Smart Saving Saga magazine wrote a small feature on great money saving ideas – Chimney Sheep was mentioned here as a good investment …

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A cold winter home - showing a large covering of snow with a picteresque background into some fields also covered in snow.

Chimney Sheep Press 2015

2015 was a year of celebrating our growth as a business- after our Business Boost and Grand Designs success the Chimney Sheep name was out there and sales were increasing at a record rate! Country Homes and Interiors – Meet a country character Country Homes and Interiors – one of our first Nationwide Magazine mentions! …

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Sally owner of Chimney Sheep - standing by full shelves of Chimney Sheep

Chimney Sheep Press 2014

2014 was a great year for Chimney Sheep – the business was growing after receiving awards in 2013; recognising us for our work in energy loss reduction. Sally Spies Profit Up the Chimney! 2014 marked the start of our partnership with one of the UK’s biggest home and garden retailers – B &Q! We felt …

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A happy herdwick sheep looks directly into the camera infront of a pretty lake and fells.

Chimney Sheep Press 2013

2013! What did we get up to in 2013? This was going to be our first full year of trading, the second calendar year the Chimney Sheep had been on the market My Weekend! The first article of 2013 wasn’t directly about the Chimney Sheep itself – but it did tell us more about the …

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Sally Phillips - Green Hero holding Chimney Sheep infront of Herdwick Sheep

Chimney Sheep Press 2012

As you may know – Chimney Sheep LTD has been around for several years. We celebrated our fifth birthday in 2017, making us 7 YEARS OLD! Throughout the years we’ve featured in many different press releases, ranging from magazine articles, online write-ups; even FRONT PAGE NEWS. Here we’ve included some snippets – telling the story …

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