It does not! Many of the other sheep wool insulations on the market have around 25% of plastic fibre added to give it “loft” and make it perform effectively as insulation. To ensure our insulation remains “lofty”, the wool is carded (combed), so all of the fibres are running in the same direction. This extremely thin layer of carded wool fibres is now layered numerous times to give the end product its desired thickness. These layers are mechanically bonded to produce a thick, strong roll of insulation.

Yes! Our insulation is 100% chemical free.

Our insulation is made from 100% sheep wool which makes it very eco-friendly and sustainable. Using wool is beneficial because it is a much more environmentally friendly way to insulate yet works just as effectively as other insulation. Wool is a renewable source (as long as there are sheep grazing, there will be sheep that need to be sheared for their wellbeing!) and it is also completely compostable. When the insulation comes to the end of its long life and is disposed of, it can be put in compost where it will decompose pretty quickly and release valuable nutrients into the ground.

Yes, very! Our Sheep Wool insulation works just as well as its rockwool counterparts but pays back its energy costs more than 5 times sooner.

All of the wool insulation we sell is made with UK and Irish wool.

The insulation is treated with IONIC PROTECT®. This causes a slight alteration of the ionic charge of the wool fibre through a plasma-ion treatment. This specific process is unique as it permanently prevents the wool from being a nutritional source for wool parasites.

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If you have ordered three packs or less of insulation, it will be shipped via DPD. However, if you have ordered more than three packs, your insulation will be shipped using a palletised shipping service.

Please note that delivery can take up to three weeks once you’ve received your shipping notification.

Wool is the perfect material to use for insulation because it is great for heat insulation, it is humidity regulating, sound insulating, hypoallergenic, can absorb high volatile compounds, is naturally breathable and naturally fire retardant.

To find out which insulation would be best suited to your requirements, take a look at this diagram.

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You just need to work out the area of the space you want to insulate in square metres and ensure you have the corresponding amount of insulation. If you need help with this, you can get in touch with us and we can advise you on how much insulation you’ll need.

Just get in touch with us via email at with your requirements.

For sound proofing, the best insulation to use for this is our SilentWool insulation. We do three products – SilentWool carpet underlay, SilentWool wood and laminate flooring underlay, and SilentWool joist insulation.

Yes. Wool does not support combustion and it will extinguish itself in the event of fire. In fact, 100% wool insulation has a higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulation. Wool does not burn, but instead singes away from fire and extinguishes (wool has a very high inflammation point of 560°C due to its high Nitrogen content of ~16%). The fibres are self-extinguishing because of its high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI=25.2), which means to completely burn wool an oxygen content of 25.2% is necessary whereas air only has 21%.

Yes, it is easy to install. SheepWool Insulation fits around shapes and joists easily and comes in a variety of product types and sizes. All the insulation products are made to roll widths to fit standard joist gaps generally 400mm and 600mm, so the rolls are 380mm and 570mm wide respectively. You can fit it anywhere – from external or internal walls, under timber or concrete floors to the attic/loft or between the rafters. If you want to make existing attic/loft insulation more effective, you can roll out Sheep Wool Insulation over the existing insulation rather than having to remove it. This can also be safer than removing hazardous material.