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How to Use Chimney Sheep

What is a Chimney Sheep®?

A Chimney Sheep® is a removable chimney draught excluder made from highly durable, naturally breathable Herdwick wool. The wool is felted to create a perfect plug for the chimney and a handle added for easy insertion and removal. A Chimney Sheep® makes your home feel more comfortable by stopping warm air escaping and preventing cold air coming in as well as reducing wind noise, energy bills, CO2 emissions and any debris that may fall down your chimney.

How does a Chimney Sheep® work?

When inserted into an open chimney flue, the woollen pad of a Chimney Sheep® compresses to fit perfectly in flues of all shapes and sizes.

Other chimney draught excluders require a small gap to be left in your flue to allow ventilation. Wool is breathable so no gap is needed, making a Chimney Sheep® much more efficient. Once inserted into your chimney flue the 4.43 tog rated Chimney Sheep® acts like a duvet, blocking 95% airflow into and out of your chimney, naturally permitting sufficient ventilation to ensure no damp issues occur.

By blocking the majority of the air flow, it prevents the stack effect occurring. A Chimney Sheep® stops warm air escaping through an open chimney and prevents cold air being pulled in via other gaps, helping a property retain its heat and feel more comfortable.

Stack Effect

An open chimney is likely to be the single biggest source of air loss in a home. It is comparable to leaving a window open all the time, except that the passage of warm air out is exacerbated by a phenomenon known as the stack effect.

Without Chimney Sheep

Open chimneys will draw an average of 80 cubic metres of air out of a building per hour, more often that not it is warm air produced from our heating systems! (red arrows – airflow out of the chimney)
The volume of air that escapes needs to be replaced, so cold air is pulled in from other leaky parts of the building, such as keyholes, gaps around your doors and tiny gaps around your windows (blue arrows – airflow into the house)

With Chimney Sheep

A Chimney Sheep will reduce the amount of warm air being pulled out of your home, whilst still providing sufficient ventilation. Your house retains its heat!
Less hot air is leaving, so less cold air is pulled in! The result? A warmer, comfier, more energy efficient home!


  • Makes your home feel more comfortable – by stopping your warm, heated air escaping and cold air getting in, a Chimney Sheep® helps to keep your home at a pleasant temperature.
  • No more wind noise – say goodbye to those horrendous howling winds coming through your chimney by plugging it with a Chimney Sheep® (you can turn your TV volume back down now…).
  • Reduces your energy bills – a Chimney Sheep® stops about 5% of your household heat from escaping, reducing your heating bill by about £60 per year on average.
  • Cost effective energy savings – a Chimney Sheep® is one of the most cost-effective ways to draught proof a home, paying for the cost of itself in 3 – 6 months. To compare, double glazing windows takes about 50-60 years to pay back on average.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – a Chimney Sheep® makes your heating more efficient, reducing your CO2 output by up to 250kg per year.
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling in – no more surprises in the hearth, a Chimney Sheep® will catch it all and stop your curious cat getting stuck up the chimney too!
  • Works in the summer – a Chimney Sheep® prevents hot air from entering your home and retains air-conditioned air, keeping your house cool in the summer.
  • Reduces air pollution in the home – a Chimney Sheep® reduces the number of air changes in a property so considerably reduces the amount of air pollution that enters the home.
  • Long lasting – to make sure a Chimney Sheep lasts, the wool is treated with a unique ionic protect plasma which makes it 100% moth proof. Tests have shown that it should last 10 years or more.
  • Easy to remove and insert – if you have a fireplace that you use regularly, you can still have a Chimney Sheep® as it is super simple to remove and insert as needed, using the handle attached. Before you have a fire, take it out and once your fire has finished and the chimney is cold, you can put it back in.

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