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100% Sheep's Wool Insulation

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100% Sheep's Wool Insulation

Our Sheep’s Wool Insulation is made of 100% sheep’s wool and is a great natural insulation alternative that is just as effective but is a more eco-friendly insulation option. Not only will our wool insulation keep your home warm, but it is also an effective sound insulation product that is 100% moth-proof, 100% plastic-free and 100% chemical-free. 

We have three different types of thermal sheep’s wool insulation ranges, each with different thicknesses and densities. These insulation products have various uses in the home including solid wall insulation, loft insulation, roof insulation and floor insulation. We also have a range of SilentWool sound insulation which can be used as underlay and between joists. Here’s an overview of which product to use where.  

Please note: our insulation products can sometimes take a bit longer to deliver than other items. 

Insulating a property is a great way of making a home warmer by reducing heat loss which results in reduced heating and a reduction in the carbon output of a home. Wool has fantastic natural insulating properties due to its hygroscopic nature. As humidity in the air increases and decreases, wool absorbs and releases water vapour. When this happens, heat is generated and retained during the absorption phase, making the wool a natural insulator. That’s why it works so well for house insulation and is a great natural insulation option! Wool insulation is also hypoallergenic and reduces VOCs in the air as it can trap particles in the air, making it a fantastic non-toxic insulation option. Insulation made of wool is some of the safest insulation on the market because it is naturally fire retardant. Although it will burn eventually, it has a higher ignition threshold than many other materials, thanks to its high water and nitrogen content. 

The benefit of using sheep’s wool insulation versus other types of insulation such as mineral rock wool insulation or insulation made of foam board is that it is a more environmentally friendly insulation option. It is one of the most sustainable insulations on the market because sheep wool is a renewable resource and when eventually disposed of the wool insulation can be composted down. 

Our insulation is a plastic-free insulation, unlike many sheep’s wool insulation products on the market. Ours is made of 100% wool and contains no plastic additives. Many sheep’s wool insulation products contain plastics to hold the shape and loftiness of the product. However, our wool is uniquely shaped during its manufacturing to ensure the insulation remains ‘lofty’ over the lifetime of the product, without the need for plastic to hold its shape. All of our insulation products are also treated with Ionic Protect® which makes them 100% resistant to moth infestations without using any chemicals. 

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