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100% Sheep Wool Insulation

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100% Sheep Wool Insulation

100% Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep wool has excellent natural insulation properties. Just as a thick wool jumper traps air and keeps you snug and warm, you can insulate your ceiling, walls and floors with sheep wool to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool also makes excellent sound insulation and sound absorption. Our SheepWool Insulation is 100% wool, 100% chemical free and 100% moth proof. Here’s an overview of which product to use where. 

This can sometimes take a bit longer to deliver than other items – please order in good time for projects. When you get a shipping confirmation, please allow a couple of weeks for delivery. It usually gets there more quickly but can take a little while. Thank you! 

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  • Sheeps Wool Insulation - Comfort

    SheepWool Insulation – Comfort Rolls

  • SheepWool Insulation – Premium Rolls

  • section of insulation with packaging

    ‘A useful bit of insulation’

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  • SilentWool Carpet pure wool underlay for carpet
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  • silent wool floor pure wool floor underlayment
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  • silentwool joist pure wool sound insulation
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  • A large roll of wool felt with the image focusing on the side view of the roll. About a metre of felt is unrolled onto bright sunlit grass

    Herdwick Wool Underlay by the linear metre

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