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Natural Gardening Products

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Natural Gardening Products

Natural Gardening Products

We’ve combined our love for trees and all things gardening with our passion for natural and environmentally friendly products to bring you this range.

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  • compostable leaf sack

    Compostable Leaf Sack

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  • Hessian coffee sack
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  • 60 jute mulch mats to protect young plants
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  • 8″ / 20cm jute mulch mats pack of 25

    Jute Mulch Mats 8″ / 20cm – Pack of 25

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  • 10" / 25cm jute mulch mat pack of 20 laid out flat on a grid
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  • just tree spat

    Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mats – 13.5″ / 35cm

  • 40cm jute mulch mat protects baby holly tree

    Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mat – 16″/ 40cm

  • Value pack of 60 different natural jute mulch mats for natural weed control
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  • 100cm square jute tree spat mulch mat made of recycled coffee sacks
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  • hanging basket liner made of 5mm thick felted jute made of recycled coffee sacks

    Jute Hanging Basket Liner

  • jute mulch roll

    Jute Mulch Roll – 25m x 1m

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  • Garden felt made with wool
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  • Section of Sheep's Wool Garden Fleece

    Sheep’s Wool Garden Fleece

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