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Natural Gardening Products

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Natural Gardening Products

Natural Gardening Products

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  • Garden felt made with wool
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  • Section of Sheep's Wool Garden Fleece

    Sheep’s Wool Garden Fleece

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  • Organic Sheep Wool Pellets

    3.5L Organic Sheep Wool Pellets

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  • pieces of felted Herdwick wool resembling slate shillies make excellent mulch for the garden

    Felt Garden Mulch Shillies

  • Gardeners Selection Pack

    Gardeners’ Selection Pack

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  • wildflower seedmat kit cheerful label with wildfowers and the Chimney Sheep logo sheep sniffing a flower

    Wildflower Seedmat Kit

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  • Seedball kit with contents showing

    Seed bomb kit – makes 20 – 30 bombs

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  • beebomb bag of seedballs with multi-coloured flowers

    Bee Bomb Wildflower Seed Balls

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  • Alder Tree Bombs

    Alder Tree Bombs

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  • Natural rubber seed tray - 20 cell tray

    Natural Rubber Seed Tray

  • 8 cell natural rubber root trainer

    Natural Rubber Root Trainer

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