1.5kg -Felted Jute Chippings Garden Mulch (1 sq metre)


As part of our garden mulch range, the jute chippings  come in 1.5kg bags which cover an area of around 1 square metre. Our felted jute tree spats and mulch mats do a great job of mulching individual plants. We end up with a lot of off-cuts which we cut even smaller. Just as our Herdwick felt shillies resemble slate gravel, the jute chippings are reminiscent of Cotswold stone chippings and can be scattered over a wider area and heaped around individual plants in a bed. They are extremely course and will deter slugs and snails, especially if you water them with our Hole-less Hosta garlic remedy.

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How to use our Jute Chippings Garden Mulch

Felted Jute Chippings can be scattered thinly across a whole bed or heaped a little more densely around individual plants. They are nice and light so unlike the stones they resemble, they can easily be distributed around the garden.

How do they work?

The chippings are cut from 5mm thick felted jute. Both as mulch mats and as smaller chippings, the jute covers the ground so as to efficiently supress any weeds that may compete with the plants you are protecting. The weeds cannot get sunlight to photosynthesise, and over time perish and eventually rot down completely. Some weeds and grasses don’t just compete with plants for sunlight and nutrition, they actually emit chemicals which can poison them (allelopathy). The jute mulch prevents weeds and grass from getting close enough to be effective with their natural herbicides.
The mulch also prevents water from evaporating too quickly from the soil, reducing the need to water and protecting plants from dehydration.

How big an area will they cover?

A bagful is about 1.5kg and will generously cover one square metre with about a 2cm layer of jute pieces.

How long will the Felted Jute Chippings last for?

They usually last around a year, over which time they slowly biodegrade, delivering nutrients into the soil.