10″ / 25cm jute mulch mats pack of 20


The 10″ / 25cm mulch mats are an in-between size, suitable for large plants that aren’t quite trees. Or small trees. And they are great for strawberry plants… You’re the gardener, you use them how you want! If you’re not sure what size works best, how about trying out multi-pack first?

Made of recycled jute coffee sacks, these mulch mats provide excellent natural weed suppressant.

The 10″ / 25cm jute mulch mats fit neatly in plant pots or can be used directly on the ground. They last 1 – 2 years depending on the conditions. They sit firmly on the ground and what I find is that weeds and grass they supress sort of grow into the fabric of the jute. They don’t manage to get through but they help to anchor the mulch mat to the soil, so it sits nice and firmly in place. I never need to peg them out, even the larger sizes. It’s very effective weed suppressant – try some for yourself!

The 10″ / 25cm jute mulch mats are great for strawberry plants. They suppress weeds, protect the fruit from soil contamination, retain moisture in the soil and deter slugs and snails.