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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Round 12″ (30cm)

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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Round 12″ (30cm)

(34 customer reviews)


A Chimney Sheep® is a highly efficient, removable chimney draught excluder made from felted Herdwick sheep’s wool. Our original and best-selling product ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping the heat in and the cold draughts out.

We think a Chimney Sheep® is a no brainer! Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reduces your energy bills by up to £99 per year on average.
  • Reduces your carbon output by about 250kg of CO2 per year
  • Stops wind noise coming down through the chimney
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling into the hearth
  • Works in the summer to keep your house cool
  • Reduces air pollution entering the home
  • Has industry reassurance as the only chimney draught excluder to hold a BBA certificate
  • Made in the UK at our factory here in Maryport using Herdwick wool collected during our Operation Wool project
  • About 20% of the profit goes towards planting trees through our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees

This Chimney Sheep is suitable for round flues up to 11″ (280mm) in diameter. A round sheep will also happily fit an oblong, square, or trapezium chimney opening. This size is suitable for flues with a corner to corner measurement of up to 12″ (300mm). It comes with a 6″ handle and 6″ extension rod, giving 12″ of reach altogether. If you’re not sure what size to get, have a look at our sizing chart.

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How does a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder work? 

A Chimney Sheep®  draught excluder is made from highly durable and naturally breathable Herdwick wool, from a Herdwick sheep. The wool is treated with a unique ionic protect plasma which makes it 100% moth proof and aids with the longevity of the Chimney Sheep® (we have customers that have had the same ones for nearly 10 years!). It is then felted to create a unique flexible yet sturdy material. This makes the Chimney Sheep® perfect to plug the gap just above a fireplace.

The woollen pad of the Chimney Sheep® compresses to fit perfectly flues of all shapes and sizes making it far more efficient than any other chimney draught excluder on the market.  Inflatable chimney blockers and chimney umbrellas require a small gap to be left in your flue to allow ventilation but because wool is naturally breathable, a Chimney Sheep® doesn’t require that gap. Instead, once inserted into your chimney flue the 4.43 tog rated Chimney Sheep® acts like a duvet, blocking 95% airflow into and out of your chimney, whilst naturally permitting sufficient ventilation. It works to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney and stopping cold air from coming in via the chimney when not in use, reducing the ‘stack effect’ phenomenon.

It is as simple as that! Read more about the stack effect and how a Chimney Sheep® works here. 


What are the benefits of using a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder?

The list is endless but here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Reduces your energy bills – a Chimney Sheep® stops about 5% of your household heat from escaping, reducing your heating bill by about £99 per year on average. You can estimate how much your home might save in energy costs by using our savings calculator.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – a Chimney Sheep® makes your heating more efficient, reducing your CO2 output by up to 250kg per year.
  • No more wind noise – say goodbye to those horrendous howling winds coming through your chimney by plugging it with a Chimney Sheep® (you can turn your TV volume back down now…).
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling in – no more surprises in the hearth, a Chimney Sheep® will catch it all and stop your curious cat getting stuck up the chimney too!
  • Works in the summer – a Chimney Sheep® prevents hot air from entering your home and retains air-conditioned air, keeping your house cool in the summer.
  • Reduces air pollution in the home – a Chimney Sheep® reduces the number of air changes in a property so considerably reduces the amount of air pollution that enters the home.


Does a Chimney Sheep® REALLY work?

It really does! Don’t take our word for it, here is all the evidence:

  • We are the only chimney draught excluder to have a BBA Agrément Certificate. The achieve this the Chimney Sheep® had to go through numerous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and product inspections, over several years, passing all the assessments to gain the award. The BBA is a worldwide credible industry body and the certificate means that Chimney Sheep® are recognised by building control, government departments, specifiers, and insurers as meeting the BBA’s standards of quality, safety and reliability. It provides you and them with reassurance of the product’s fitness for purpose.
  • Rigorously tested by BSRIA and the University of Liverpool which showed that a Chimney Sheep® will stop around 5% of household heat from escaping and therefore save users around £99 off the heating bill per year, per chimney and up to 250kg of CO2 per year chimney, working to reduce energy bills going into winter.
  • Hailed as one of Grand Designs host, Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’.
  • DIY Doctor 5* review – read the full review, here.
  • Chimney Sheep® has been featured in the press quite a bit too, from the likes of The Guardian, The Times, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home. You can have a look at some of the latest articles we’ve been featured in here.


Are Chimney Sheep® sustainably made?

Absolutely. We are really passionate about the environment and sustainability. Everything from our sourcing of wool to our packaging is chosen with the environment in mind and the aim of our reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can.

All Chimney Sheep® are made here in our factory in Maryport, Cumbria, using Herdwick wool sustainably sourced from farmers around Cumbria. We collect the wool once a year which we call our ‘Operation Wool’ project. We pay the local farmers a fair price for this which is usually more than the market price and helps to support them.

The felt head of a Chimney Sheep® usually lasts about 10 years and is 100% wool which means it is completely biodegradable and compostable. The handles are made with recyclable plastic therefore are extremely durable and designed to last for decades. We have designed them so that when the felt head does wear out, you can just replace it with a new felt head and keep the same handle to reduce waste and the use of excess plastic. When the time comes and you have to say goodbye to your felt head, get in touch with us.

By using a Chimney Sheep® you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and we are really passionate about helping you to reduce your CO2 output even further. That is why we have set up our very own Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, so that with each purchase a proportion of the profits will go towards planting trees on agriculturally poor land. Fancy reading some more about Buy Land Plant Trees? Click here!


How do I work out what size of Chimney Sheep® I need?

All you need to do is measure your chimney. We promise, it sounds more complicated than it really is. Head over to our simple instructions which walk you through it. If you do have any trouble though, just get in touch and we can help.

Our standard Chimney Sheep sizes will fit the majority of chimney flues. However, each and every chimney (like us!) is unique so if your chimney doesn’t look like it will fit one of our standard sizes, contact us with the measurements and we will give you a quote for a made-to-measure Chimney Sheep® that will fit your chimney perfectly!

34 reviews for Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Round 12″ (30cm)

  1. Val Cox


    My tiny bedroom Victorian fireplace started producing flies, by the hundred! Fortunately they died quickly.
    My poor sweep came and removed 4 dead Jackdaws! All maggoty!
    The chimney needed a cowl fitting, which was done, then the fireplace needed further blockage, but obviously not something to stop ventilation. The ‘sheep sweep’’ was perfect.
    Although the shape of the cast iron was wierd, the ‘sheep’ was flexible enough, eventually, to fit ok.
    A clever idea, and so good for Herdwick fleeces to be used in such a sustainable way.

  2. Graham Childs

    Why didn’t I do this before

    Measuring my chimney was not easy but directions to choose the right size worked well. The chimney sheep fitted easily in the space. It has reduced the sound of the wind. Without making any measurements the room feels warmer. In hindsight I should have bought an extension rod.
    I’m grateful to Octopus Energy for recommending it. The sheep and bee dangles bring a smile.

  3. Kirsten

    Storm proof cosiness

    We bought two chimney sheep, handle extenders and two adorable danglers and all are excellent. I’m writing this review in the middle of a severe Scottish storm and for once, we can’t feel the breeze around our ankles! We’re very grateful to the energy efficiency consultant that recommended these, and to Chimney Sheep for such an effective product.

  4. Sara

    Does the job

    I found it tricky to measure the chimney and awkward to get the sheep in – I’m not sure now it’s in properly. This may be to do with the size and shape of our fireplace. But it has definitely reduced the draughts, and we have measured a significant difference in temperature either side of the sheep so it is clearly working. I’m pleased I got this. I also bought a little felted sheep, but it’s far too cute to dangle in the fireplace!

  5. Mike Dinham

    Does a good job. Helpful staff too.

  6. Jane Taylor

    Very happy, great product

    Easy to fit. Works really well, much better than the chimney balloon which is replaces.

  7. EA

    Great product

    Super product. The chimney measure guide was really useful & chimney sweep fits perfectly. Our lounge used to be chilly but it’s really made a difference. Amazing how much heat escapes up there! No longer drafty – we have installed a biofuel fire in front of the old fireplace & the room gets cosy warm now. We always try to buy sustainable products – this one works brilliantly and is good for the environment! Thanks.

  8. Paul Catling

    Great product

    Purchased this Chimney Sheep for our lounge chimney. We tend to use the fire at the weekend but not during the week, so needed something that was easily putinable and takeoutable to protect from draft when the fire is not in use. Does the job excellently, measurement for the flue very straightforward, easy to assemble, insert and remove. Took all of 1 minute first time! We can certainly feel the difference when it is in place, and also has additional benefit of reducing outside noise that comes down the chimney.
    We also purchased extension rods and bumble bee dangly to ensure that it is easy to see when the Sheep is in place.
    I would recommend this product over others on the market (such as inflatable excluders) as the Sheep flexes to fit the flue aperture snugly, quickly and without any mess.
    Also nice that the product is all natural and mostly sustainable. I have become aware of Herdwick sheep and some of the sustainable farming practices with the Cumbrian farmers from following @herdyshepherd1 on Twitter, so its nice to think that by purchasing this product I might be helping a little bit with their progress on balancing farming with habitat in the area. Additionally, hats off to Chimney Sheep for their efforts in improving habitat by diverting part of their profits to developing new woodland areas for habitat improvement for the future.

  9. Ian McHale

    Great product

    Does the job perfectly and took less than a minute to fit.

  10. Jason

    Great product

    We’ve noticed the difference already. My only criticism is that it was a shame it came in a pastic bag – with your eco-credentials I was surprised at this.

  11. Rodney Stares

    Excellent Product

    Now that the winter winds are picking up we are able to appreciate its benefits. Our living room seems quite a bit quieter – far less whistling – and less air currents. It is so simple – compared to other prescriptions such as register plates and cowls – and also allows the chimney to breathe somewhat. We had to attach it to a long bamboo cane in order to lodge it high enough up the chimney but that was easy enough. Also worth noting, for those who may have had negative olfactory experiences with natural wool products – like some carpets – we have not detected any unpleasant smell! The company are also a pleasure to deal with. Bravo.

  12. Kevin Garry

    Appears to work well. We have a (nominally 8″) square chimney flue so opted for the 12″ round sweep which we were able to force into place (just – so glad we didn’t opt for the smallest square one you offer at 13″) Not sure if it’s a perfect fit into the corners – but better than it was

  13. Christopher Stewart

    Great idea!

    Been meaning to get something to stop the heat going up the chimney for a while now and opted for one of these. I like the fact that some air can still pass through the sheep’s wool material to let your chimney ‘breathe’. Seems to work ok and I have noticed an improvement in the amount of heat retained in our sitting room. Bit fiddly to measure initially, and they do recommend that you get one that is slightly larger that the flue hole. I also like that you can get an extension for the plastic rod with the tag that hangs down inside the chimney and serves as a reminder that it’s there!

    Overall, happy with the product and glad I got this particular type.

    Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder - Round  12" (30cm)
    Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder - Round  12" (30cm)
  14. CKCork

    Measure your chimney before you pick the size!

    I made the mistake of buying a size too big for my chimney so it doesn’t fit properly and there’s still air draughting up the chimney. My own fault!

  15. Phyllis

    The answer to a draughty chimney

    Does a brilliant job – we know longer get the wind roaring down the chimney. A little bit tricky to install so that it fits snugly and doesn’t move, it took two attempts and we had to trim a little bit off ours but now it is doing an excellent job in the very high winds we have experienced recently.

  16. JB

    Great product that seems to work

    Great idea to help prevent heat escaping up the chimney. It took a bit of manipulating to get a snug fit with no gaps but it does seem to have made a difference to the temperature in the living room. Well worth a try for the money.

  17. Florin Cozmin Braicau


    Satisfied, I recommend.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    Very easy to fit, noticeably effective. Very pleased.

  19. Mac

    Clever idea

    Has helped with draughts but do measure chimney first to ensure you buy correct size.

  20. William

    Does what it says

    Does the job perfectly

  21. izabella zagroba

    It works

    Great item- does the job on the tin- I found this better than the chimney balloon

  22. Mrs Wilson

    Great product woukd highly recommend to stop drafts chimneys

    We have installed this chimney sheep and what a difference no more drafts or cold spots and the noise much reduced

  23. W Cheung

    A good chimney sweep.

    A good wind blocker. Good thickness and easy to fit. I haven’t pulled back out since fitting/pushing it up the chimney and it hasn’t fallen out.

  24. Ravinder S.

    Good quality

    Very simple to insert up the chimney. It helps keep the room warm by stopping heat loss through the chimney. Just insert it and leave it there….not had the need to adjust or anything after that.

  25. Emma Carson

    Great way at cutting out the draft.

    I have found this very effective at keeping out the draft from my chimney. It took me a while figuring out what shape and size I needed but it was worth it. I would definitely recommend this product.

  26. Lyndsey

    Great product! Simple but effective

    I had tried the balloon draft excluder before and couldn’t even get it to stay in place and just made a mess. It was a little tricky to measure to get the right size but I couldn’t believe how easy to install this was and how much of a difference it has made. When it arrived it felt so thick, it was easy to install and stayed put instantly. No more wind rustling down the chimney and by next morning was when I really felt the difference, it has definitely made the room so much warmer.

  27. JK70

    Good idea and exactly what we needed

    We bought ours in Feb 2015, more than three years ago, and it’s still doing its job. We had to buy the handle extension because of the shape of our fireplace and flue. Otherwise it does exactly what it’s supposed to and keeps the draught out well; it also catches some pine needles when left in place for a few weeks, something to be aware of when pulling out if there are trees anywhere near your chimney.

  28. Mav617

    Excellent idea

    Really easy to fit, literally pushed in and got snug fit with a couple of small gaps where the Sheep curves which will allow ventilation. Sure I can already feel a difference, especially when it’s windy outside. Much better than a balloon type which can be hit and miss especially as our chimney opening is a bit ragged with some sharp protrusions. Our opening was 12″ corner to corner, and this was perfect size.

  29. Charmaine

    Brilliant and money well spent

    Wow I never believed this would work as well as it has done, our house was always drafty and cold. These last few cold snaps have been unnoticeable in our cosy warm lounge now! Brilliant and money well spent :)

  30. J. U

    Great product

    Bit tricky to fit but once in place made such a difference to heat loss and chimney noise. Would recommend

  31. RetroEd

    I did not find it that easy to install because each time I pushed it up ...

    12″ bought for 9″ circular flue and it fits very snuggly.

    All the draughts caused by the chimney have stopped and the house is already warmer – and the whistling through the letterbox and other odd places has stopped!

    I did not find it that easy to install because each time I pushed it up the chimney it kept turning sideways despite applying pressure to the centre. Literally took about 20 goes before it finally went up as intended. Needless to say I was covered in soot by the time I had finished so make sure you put something down to protect the carpet, just in case. I am not looking forward to repeatedly do this…

    The handle that comes with the sheep is short even for our modern fireplace so ideally I do need to invest in the extension arm.

    Anyway, it does what it says on the box, expect an aching arm and a darker complexion.

  32. Mrs. D. E. Harrison

    This does not cover the hole chimney so does not ...

    This does not cover the hole chimney so does not stop all the draft, however it does stop all the bits coming down the chimney into the fire.

  33. P

    good product

    this is a good product, the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is that after a very heavy hail storm it did let some in. But still great for the draughts

  34. Sarah

    A Great Idea

    I bought this for a bedroom fireplace in a Victorian terraced house. I measured the space and it fitted perfectly. When I bought the house it had carrier bags stuffed up the chimney so this is a great improvement.

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