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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Square 13″ x 13″ (33cm x 33cm)

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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Square 13″ x 13″ (33cm x 33cm)

(48 customer reviews)


A Chimney Sheep® is a highly efficient, removable chimney draught excluder made from felted Herdwick sheep’s wool. Our original and best-selling product ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping the heat in and the cold draughts out.

We think a Chimney Sheep® is a no brainer! Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reduces your energy bills by up to £99 per year on average
  • Reduces your carbon output by about 250kg of CO2 per year
  • Stops wind noise coming down through the chimney
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling into the hearth
  • Works in the summer to keep your house cool
  • Reduces air pollution entering the home
  • Has industry reassurance as the only chimney draught excluder to hold a BBA certificate
  • Made in the UK at our factory here in Maryport using Herdwick wool collected during our Operation Wool project
  • About 20% of the profit goes towards planting trees through our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees

This Chimney Sheep is suitable for chimneys 8″ – 12″ x 8″ – 12″ (200 – 300mm x 200 – 300m). This is a versatile size with an extra row of stitching so it can be trimmed to fit if necessary with a pair of sharp scissors. If you’re not sure what size to get have a look at the sizing chart.

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How does a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder work? 

A Chimney Sheep®  draught excluder is made from highly durable and naturally breathable Herdwick wool, from a Herdwick sheep. The wool is treated with a unique ionic protect plasma which makes it 100% moth proof and aids with the longevity of the Chimney Sheep® (we have customers that have had the same ones for nearly 10 years!). It is then felted to create a unique flexible yet sturdy material. This makes the Chimney Sheep® perfect to plug the gap just above a fireplace.

The woollen pad of the Chimney Sheep® compresses to fit perfectly flues of all shapes and sizes making it far more efficient than any other chimney draught excluder on the market.  Inflatable chimney blockers and chimney umbrellas require a small gap to be left in your flue to allow ventilation but because wool is naturally breathable, a Chimney Sheep® doesn’t require that gap. Instead, once inserted into your chimney flue the 4.43 tog rated Chimney Sheep® acts like a duvet, blocking 95% airflow into and out of your chimney, whilst naturally permitting sufficient ventilation. It works to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney and stopping cold air from coming in via the chimney when not in use, reducing the ‘stack effect’ phenomenon.

It is as simple as that! Read more about the stack effect and how a Chimney Sheep® works here. 


What are the benefits of using a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder?

The list is endless but here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Reduces your energy bills – a Chimney Sheep® stops about 5% of your household heat from escaping, reducing your heating bill by about £99 per year on average. You can estimate how much your home might save in energy costs by using our savings calculator.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – a Chimney Sheep® makes your heating more efficient, reducing your CO2 output by up to 250kg per year.
  • No more wind noise – say goodbye to those horrendous howling winds coming through your chimney by plugging it with a Chimney Sheep® (you can turn your TV volume back down now…).
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling in – no more surprises in the hearth, a Chimney Sheep® will catch it all and stop your curious cat getting stuck up the chimney too!
  • Works in the summer – a Chimney Sheep® prevents hot air from entering your home and retains air-conditioned air, keeping your house cool in the summer.
  • Reduces air pollution in the home – a Chimney Sheep® reduces the number of air changes in a property so considerably reduces the amount of air pollution that enters the home.


Does a Chimney Sheep® REALLY work?

It really does! Don’t take our word for it, here is all the evidence:

  • We are the only chimney draught excluder to have a BBA Agrément Certificate. The achieve this the Chimney Sheep® had to go through numerous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and product inspections, over several years, passing all the assessments to gain the award. The BBA is a worldwide credible industry body and the certificate means that Chimney Sheep® are recognised by building control, government departments, specifiers, and insurers as meeting the BBA’s standards of quality, safety and reliability. It provides you and them with reassurance of the product’s fitness for purpose.
  • Rigorously tested by BSRIA and University of Liverpool which showed that a Chimney Sheep® will stop around 5% of household heat from escaping and therefore save users around £99 off the heating bill per year, per chimney and up to 250kg of CO2 per year chimney, working to reduce energy bills going into winter.
  • Hailed as one of Grand Designs host, Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’.
  • DIY Doctor 5* review – read the full review, here.
  • Chimney Sheep® has been featured in the press quite a bit too, from the likes of The Guardian, The Times, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home. You can have a look at some of the latest articles we’ve been featured in here.


Are Chimney Sheep® sustainably made?

Absolutely. We are really passionate about the environment and sustainability. Everything from our sourcing of wool to our packaging is chosen with the environment in mind and the aim of our reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can.

All Chimney Sheep® are made here in our factory in Maryport, Cumbria, using Herdwick wool sustainably sourced from farmers around Cumbria. We collect the wool once a year which we call our ‘Operation Wool’ project. We pay the local farmers a fair price for this which is usually more than the market price and helps to support them.

The felt head of a Chimney Sheep® usually lasts about 10 years and is 100% wool which means it is completely biodegradable and compostable. The handles are made with recyclable plastic therefore are extremely durable and designed to last for decades. We have designed them so that when the felt head does wear out, you can just replace it with a new felt head and keep the same handle to reduce waste and the use of excess plastic. When the time comes and you have to say goodbye to your felt head, get in touch with us.

By using a Chimney Sheep® you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and we are really passionate about helping you to reduce your CO2 output even further. That is why we have set up our very own Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, so that with each purchase a proportion of the profits will go towards planting trees on agriculturally poor land. Fancy reading some more about Buy Land Plant Trees? Click here!


How do I work out what size of Chimney Sheep® I need?

All you need to do is measure your chimney. We promise, it sounds more complicated than it really is! Head over to our simple instructions which walk you through it. If you do have any trouble though, just get in touch and we can help.

Our standard Chimney Sheep sizes will fit the majority of chimney flues. However, each and every chimney (like us!) is unique so if your chimney doesn’t look like it will fit one of our standard sizes, contact us with the measurements and we will give you a quote for a made-to-measure Chimney Sheep® that will fit your chimney perfectly.

48 reviews for Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Square 13″ x 13″ (33cm x 33cm)

  1. Eddie

    Great product

    Great product

  2. David Goldsbrough

    Does exactly what it says on the tin !!

    Ordered using the size guide, delivered promptly and fitted in minutes. No more draughts or soot down the chimney and room significantly warmer.
    Highly recommended!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Perfect for the job

    So simple to fit. No problems and no more draughts.

  4. Karl Fletcher


    I was a little sceptical at first but after following the clear instructions on measuring my chimney, I ordered my chimney sheep. Kept you informed on delivery times and came when it was predicted to arrive.
    The product itself is fantastic, it made a difference straightaway as completely stopped the draughts from the chimney. A great product

  5. Liz McPherson

    This size has a large metal bar where the handle attaches - limits insertion

    We measured as best we could and this size seemed like it would be the best fit. Our chimney is narrow then widens a little further up and I intended to have it sit at the wider part. However, this sheep has a large metal blob where the handle attaches which meant I couldn’t get it past the narrowest part. The wool obviously folds but with the size of the metal, I had to put it in sideways and could only get it so far. It’s still effective but it’s sitting a lot lower than I had wanted. We ordered an oblong sheep for our other chimney and it has a narrow metal bar which allows for much more flexibility.
    Anyway, still a happy customer, I believe it is helping to stop the draughts. Quick delivery and nicely packaged.

  6. Essie

    I'm Impressed!

    The room is warmer and quieter, it’s like someone’s closed a door! Took a couple of attempts to get it in the right place and I’m glad I bought an extension rod, but well worth the fiddling about. Check the sizing chart for guidance.

  7. Farzana

    Did not fit…..

    Regrettably, the size I ordered did not fit my chimney. Maybe this was due to taking incorrect measurements of a somewhat tricky chimney. Taking measurements up a snotty chimney block is not easy.
    So it was a waste of money for me…… :-(

  8. Nicki

    Does what it says on the tin (err - bag!)

    We were a tad sceptical that it would fit, as I can’t kneel and hubby is blind, so measuring was interesting! But it worked, and the room is definitely warmer, as well as the bonus of not hearing next door shouting as loud, or the noisy pigeons on the chimney pot. win win!!

  9. katarina

    Works well. I was not sure it would fit my oddly shaped flu, but I had no problems at all. I bought a size bigger than needed and the chimney sheep just moulded itself around the nooks and crannies to form a snug fit. I am very happy. There is a marked difference in temperature in the room.

  10. Dan

    Cold room no more

    Seems to have made a remarkable difference. Working from home means the dining room for me right opposite the chimney (1960’s house).

    The lower 500mm of the space was always freezing, particular after a very cold night.

    As far as I can tell the only cold in the room is coming from the hard floor and not the chimney. The heating seems to be working more efficiently too.

    I am one of those “shorts all year” kinda guys and now I’m comfortable.

    Crazy that this small piece of sheep might actually save me a whole barrel of money.. Say thanks to Octopus energy to recommending you guys :-) I found you through their tips pages.

  11. NJ

    Immediately noticeable difference

    The 13” square chimney sheep fitted our trapezium shaped flue really well. Following the instructions, I measured the narrowest and closest point but noticed that the flue widened out again above it. I was a little worried – by choosing a size that was slightly larger than the longest dimension of the flue I knew that the ‘sheep’ was quite a bit longer than the narrowest dimension, but the sheep folded up nicely and popped through the narrowing into the wider part of the flue beyond, and from there I could bring it back down to wedge snuggly. A bit like opening up an umbrella. The difference in room temperature was quickly evident. The tree planting is a great additional ‘win’. Thank you Chimney Sheep.

  12. Mary Phillips

    Absolutely brilliant

    Needed 11 extension rods to get it into position as the flue is so high up, but well worth the effort. One draught free chimney. Ver happy – especially with fuel bills going up

  13. Louise


    The best thing for chimney insulation. Well designed and simple to fit. It has completely stopped the heat loss and the horrible draughts in my lounge. It is a high quality and a very well thought out product – Worth every penny and l highly recommend it.

  14. Sarah De Matos

    Sarah 14th Jan 2022

    What a brilliant idea, it fits really well and stops the draught whistling down the chimney and the bread dropped by the birds and also the cat climbing up!

  15. Sally

    Farmyard chimney success

    Well we laughed when I had my chimney cow(l) fitted …mooo…ved to giggle , the chimney sheep is not a novelty …it’s a success .
    Easy to fit and instantly made an impact .

    The best baaaaaa…..r none

  16. Graham

    Seems to do the job :)

    I reckon I could fit it better & get a better seal (something to try when I have more time) but the wife is happy & reckons it’s improved the draft problems she was having :)

  17. David

    An overnight success!

    After fitting the Chimney Sheep, we finally have a warm kitchen.
    Measuring was tricky because the narrow point of our chimney was a way up. And, actually fitting the Chimney Sheep I ended up using the mop to get it in position. I also suffered from getting covered in soot in the process but I put that down as an inevitability.

  18. nick w

    seems to be doing the job..

    not sure how these compare against other options like a chimney balloon, but I bought two and they are easy to fit and appear to be blocking warm air getting out and the cold air getting in…and we’ve had two storms in the last 2 weeks!

  19. Fiona Gudge

    What wonderful sheep

    The chimney sheep are fantastic. They were so easy to fit and instantly stopped all the warm air being sucked up the open chimneys. My house is toasty and warm and in the spring I will be able to easily remove them and have the lovely cool drafts again. They are such a simple yet perfect solution to my problem of drafty chimneys and so much less hassle than the other solutions I was being offered. I shall recommend to anyone who will listen.

  20. John Chalmers

    Cosy Room

    For several years now we have done as I suppose many have and stuffed a bin bag with newspaper, etc in the flue to block it

    Well those day have gone as we now have a chimney sheep. We came across the product when we were researching on the Internet and the Chimney Sheep just jumped out at us as it is mostly made from natural materials. We found the staff to be very helpful when we contacted them about the best size for our flue and again when we had an issue paying for the product on line

    Really glad we bought it as it was so easy to fit and is hidden away from view

    I certainly recommend it to anyone and have in fact already done so


    I love the quirky name

  21. clare white

    Does what it says

    I found it impossible to measure my chimney. Wish I’d seen another persons idea of using string to measure…I was trying with a measuring tape and all I managed to do was dislodge all the soot and send it flying into my face and hair! Goggles on and mouth closed, I persevered. But in the end I just guessed at a size and figured too big was better than too small. Wedged in in there with no problem. Definitely stops most draughty but not all the noise of wind in the chimney. There are other items you can buy for that I believe, but it’s not a huge issue. Overall, pretty pleased. Happy to pay the slightly high price as it’s a nice company who plant trees for every purchase! 🌳

  22. Nicola Rosen

    Fitted really well into the square hole. I took rough measurements beforehand and as it is flexible there was no need to be exact about this so long as it is too big rather than too small. The room is now more cosy than before, I think

  23. Wayne Fulford

    It's okay.

    It mostly does the job but is not the best fit. Even after using the size calculater online, it recommended the size I purchased but when it arrived and fitted, it wasn’t the best fit and doesn’t make a full seal around the chimney flue. It is better than having nothing but would prefer it to fit better than it has. I’d recommend for quality but as there aren’t many size options, I have to take the most suitable, bit annoying but not the end of the world.

  24. Doug

    Easy to install and effective

    The chimney sheep has helped muffle the noise of wind coming down our chimney. We live on the coast and the noise was very loud but this has definitely reduced the noise to a much more bearable level and will hopefully help with heating costs!

  25. Terry Wood

    Square 13 x13 inch chimney sheep

    Fantastic product does the job 100%.
    Tried a chimney balloon first which was a complete waste of money.

  26. Alexandre Ribeiro

    Great product. Snug fit.
    Ive tried first in one of my 2 chimneys, and after having installed it for a couple of weeks I’m happy with it. Will order the same 13” square for my second chimney

  27. Richard Baugh

    Absolutely brilliant. The room is quieter, and definitely warmer.

  28. Darius Daver

    Good product

    A little pricey but quick to fit. Wife says the room is much warmer.

  29. Audrie Burton

    Love my sheep !

    A few weeks ago,a load of rubbish and soot came down my chimney.What a mess ! My cream rug was black and beyond help.We had used a balloon previously but didn’t find them very successful as they keep deflating and getting down to blow them up again was becoming difficult.Looking for an alternative I came across Chimney sheep.I thought it was such a good idea I ordered right arrived within a few days,and we fitted it immediately.I am delighted,there are no draughty,and hopefully no more mess ! It’s an excellent product,reasonably priced.I’m telling everyone about it !

  30. Linus

    Pricey but does the job

    A bit expensive for what they are, but it works and immediately noticed how quiet my room was after fitting. And room is warmer at night.

  31. Doreen Allen

    Great Buy

    Just what I needed to keep draughts from coming down the chimney. As this was making the room cold I needed something like to keep the heat from escaping.

  32. Gerryfox

    Excellent product

    I have just received my 8×20 sheep and fitted it to the chimney. I could probably have done with the next size down, but that was my fault. It was therefore a bit of a push to fit it but once in, only took a couple of minutes, it made an immediate effect. The draught from the chimney was gone and so was the noise. Our living room immediately was warmer because the cold air was not coming in and the warm air not escaping. The heating only needed to be on for a short time where yesterday we had to keep it on all evening. Extremely pleased with the product and would recommend it wholeheartedly.

  33. A. K. Figiel

    Quieter, warmer rooms and no sooty fall-out from our old chimneys - three jobs done in one!

    We have several fireplaces – only one of which is actually used – and we asked our chimney sweep’s advice about reducing draughts from those not in use. He recommended the chimney sheep instead of balloons because they can be easily removed/replaced and don’t trap moisture. After installation it was immediately noticeable how much more snug the rooms were, and also how the ambient noise of wind/traffic etc. was also reduced, dare I say even eliminated. The other aim of stopping granules of soot and old mortar from falling into the rooms was also achieved. The only slight difficulty was placing one of these high enough up the chimney as the standard handle and extension rod together weren’t long enough. Though it’s possible to buy extra extensions separately, we managed without (and without breaking anything) and simply hung the reminder tag on a long piece of string.

  34. Dan

    Simple, snug and such a difference

    Product does exactly what it says on the tin but I’m now kicking myself for not buying this 10yrs ago. Was a little unsure as to the whether I had the right size, since not easy to measure the size above/behind a cast iron fireplace but with a little guesstimate it’s all good.

    Used to have a constant airflow that was obvious around the room door, this has now gone completely. Even during the latest UK winter storm, there was no obvious airflow or wind noise (which used to be a problem during those events). The room definitely seems to retain heat better now as well.

  35. Andy, Leeds

    Fab - no draughts at all

    Easy to install, just pushed up the chimney with no issues.
    No draughts at all now coming down the chimney.

  36. dataylor

    Works Well but....

    Ok, so i used to use balloons but they didn’t last long and they aren’t cheap.

    This has good reviews and so I purchased one. I spent quite a bit of time getting the correct size which meant me sticking my head of the chimney with a tape measure – did this a few times as my chimney is 250+ years old and…well messy in all respects.

    So, it works well but firstly, I had to purchase two further extensions that weren’t cheap and secondly, they don’t appear to me that it should cost what it did albeit that they are still cheaper than balloons. So go figure.

  37. andrew j betts

    It works!

    My Chimney sheep has transformed our front room. No more cold draughts down the chimney. Perfect!

  38. J. Goddard

    It works!

    In my haste to order, I got the wrong size. If I am honest there were a lot of cobwebs and I didn’t want to come face to face with any spiders so rushed my measuring. Having said that I made a few adjustments and no soot has come down the chimney since so I would recommend but save yourself some trouble and measure correctly to get the right fit!

  39. Alan G

    Works well!

    The most difficult thing with this item is gauging the correct size! Lying on the floor looking up a chimney, and trying to measure with a bit of string can indeed be frustrating! However we managed, and it arrived and is quite easy to fit in place. It is obviously important to order slightly larger than slightly smaller, as the edges will adjust slightly as you push it in place. It has been in situ for some time now, and apart from the prevention of draughts/cold coming into the room, we can no longer hear the birds which sit on the roof! There is a tag which hangs down to remind us to remove it when next we light the fire. An invaluable item.

  40. Paul Stringer

    Natural breathable and easy to fit yourself

    Contacted for advice to buy, very helpful. This first night there seems much less noise. And lounge feels warmer.
    Liked that uses natural breathable wool.

  41. Duechristmas

    Storm proof

    Opened the package, screwed the handle on and popped it up, within seconds the draught had stopped, within minutes the room started to warm and yes it is quieter too. How did we live here 17 years without one? I’ve yet to see how it holds up to rain, hailstones or high winds but it’s worth it to reduce draughts for sure.
    *I’ve come back to re-review with Storm Brenda pounding outside. Well yesterday I didn’t even know the weather was bad outside, no more rain or soot down the chimney and its so much quieter and more peaceful in the living room, it’s absolutely worth a purchase.

  42. luke79

    Great product

    I’ve used chimney balloons for the last few years but they puncture after a year or two in use and don’t always stay in place. I have a square 9” chimney and the sheep fitted in fine and is working really well. I ‘m very pleased with it and it was worth the extra cost

  43. Jon

    Baaaa (riliant)

    Love this product and it’s sheepy goodness

  44. tbren

    Well made, does it make a difference?

    The product is well made, but unfortunately it did not make much difference to the heat in the room. It is also a bit messy each time you remove and replace it.

  45. Mr C Bates

    A dog, a cat and a SHEEP make for a cozy home!

    A Chimney Sheep arrived at my door today and now lives up my chimney :-)
    Wow! What a remarkable reduction in droughts. I can only imagine the ££££s worth of energy savings that will accrue.
    Remarkable too was how quickly the sheep arrived. It battled through the worst snow storms we’ve had in Norfolk for decades. Congratulations to the Amazon shepherd who herded the sheep home.
    I am confident this robust, well made, quality product will serve me well through any storms and winds that will doubtless hit us in decades to come. Our home will also be much warmer and cozy.

  46. Amazoncustomer

    Icy blast down chimney stopped!

    Have a 9in sq flue and no old iron fireplace so needed to put the chimney sheep very high up. I had to ask a longer armed taller person to do it. I couldn’t reach where flue narrowed let alone had enough stretch left to shove it into place.

    I would recommend you work out if you need the extension (or two) and get those with it. My extension arrived the next day and one is not enough for me to do it but will come in useful for the next chimney sheep we buy.

    It’s early days so if I remember I’ll try to post an update regarding how it’s held up to pebbles/gales and whatever else might happen.

    Doesn’t smell like a load of old sheep in here either.

  47. Philip Smith

    Perfect fit for my chimney

    Perfect fit for my chimney. I could immediately notice the difference in the temperature of the room once the chimney draft was stopped.

  48. Jim

    Don't be afraid to hack at it with the scissors!

    It turns out chimneys really do come in all shapes and sizes. When we moved into our new house it was nearing summer so we didn’t really notice how cold it would get in the living room until later last year – suffice to say with nothing blocking the chimney it was blowing a gale and the room was uninhabitable without the heating cranked up.

    I tried a few different things – newspaper up the chimney etc – but I have a funny shaped flue so after some research came across these. They do seem a little expensive at first glance, but there’s no denying that – after some careful trimming to size (don’t worry, that’s part of the instructions!) it has not only stopped the draft but also provides over an inch of insulation to the chimney so it’s acting as a reasonable heat barrier there too.

    I had to put this quite high up our chimney so got one of the extension rods below, which is handy as it means the tag hangs far enough down so there’s no danger of lighting a fire without noticing this is still in place.

    6 inch extension rod for Chimney Sheep

    Highly recommended solution to the problem of heat lost up the chimney.

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