Chimney Sheep Oblong 14″ x 28″ (36cm x 71cm)


This size is suitable for chimneys that are 9″ – 13″ deep (230 – 330mm) by 23″ – 27″ wide (590 – 680mm). Make sure the Chimney Sheep is an inch or two bigger on each dimension than the chimney you are fitting it into. It comes with a pair of 6″ handles and 6″ extension rods, giving 12″ of reach altogether. If you’re not sure what size to get, have a look at our sizing chart.

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Are you tired of forking out a small fortune to heat your home, when within hours, all that cosy warm air has disappeared up the chimney? Then perhaps it’s time you joined the flock and invested in an eco-friendly chimney insulation device that will not only put an end to those arctic chimney draughts, but will reduce your energy bills in the process.

The award-winning Chimney Sheep is an eco-friendly device, which fits snugly into your flue to act as a rather nifty durable fireplace draught excluder. Incredibly simple, yet effective in design,  the Chimney Sheep is an effective chimney draft blocker that will help you save both money and energy.

How to stop chimney draughts with Chimney Sheep?

Just like the rest of the flock, the 14″ x 28″ Chimney Sheep Oblong is made from 100% Herdwick wool – the coarse and highly durable fleece of The Lake District’s native Herdwick sheep. Compressed into a thick felt, oblong shaped pad, when inserted into a chimney the sheep acts very much like a chimney plug, keeping your home warm whilst the fire isn’t lit.

How do I use my eco-friendly chimney insulation device?

First things first, to ensure you choose the right sheep, you must measure your chimney or flue. This is to ensure that your sheep is matched with the right owner and enjoys a snug fit in its new home.

To use your 14″ x 28″Chimney Sheep, all you need to do is gently push the wool head into the narrow part of your flue, then tug it down to secure it in place. If you’ve got the right fit, the sheep should firmly grip the throat of your chimney, which is why it is vital to choose a sheep that’s 1 to 2 inches bigger than your chimney flue.

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