16″ / 40cm Jute Tree Spat Mulch Mat pack of 5


These larger Tree Spat Mulch Mats are perfect for protecting new young trees. We’ve been using them extensively on the Chimney Sheep woodland. Simply slot around the base of the young tree to protect it from competitive grass and weeds, retain moisture in the soil, and protect delicate young roots. The tree spats are made of 100% needle-felted recycled jute from coffee sacks, so it is naturally biodegradable after about a year of protecting your trees.

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Young trees need a lot of care in their first few years of life. Weeds around the base need to be removed regularly, either by hand weeding, using appropriate herbicides, or careful strimming. They also need to be watered regularly. Using mulch mats makes this a whole lot easier, saving time, money and chemicals. Our 100% biodegradable mulch mats simply slot around the base of the young tree, supressing weeds and retaining water. They also protect the delicate roots from extreme temperature fluctuations. They are 5mm thick so are quite robust, and last around a year before they slowly biodegrade into the soil.

Do the tree spat mulch mats need to be pegged down?

Unlike polypropylene mulch mats, they sit firmly on the soil around the tree without needing to be pegged out.

Is there an issue with the tree spat mulch mats spinning in the wind, creating bark damage?

No. The 5mm thick mulch mats are quite heavy, and will stay put, even in windy conditions. If you are concerned you can secure them with a biodegradable peg (we’ve experimented with bamboo food skewers) but to be honest we haven’t found any problems with the mats, they just sit where you put them

Do you make larger or smaller sizes?

We can make pretty much any size you like, up to the width of the felted jute roll (usually 1.5m but each batch varies a bit).

What do you do with the off-cuts?

As we cut out discs we invariably end up with spare bits of jute felt, just like when you cut out discs of pastry or biscuits. The larger pieces are cut into small discs, for our excellent value for money mulch mats for smaller plants, which fit over plant pots or directly onto flowerbeds or veg patches. Other off-cuts are chopped into even smaller pieces and sold as jute chippings – these also make excellent mulch for pots, beds, or heaped around trees instead of bark chippings.