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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Oblong 6” x 16″ (15cm x 41cm)

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Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Oblong 6” x 16″ (15cm x 41cm)

(97 customer reviews)


A Chimney Sheep® is a highly efficient, removable chimney draught excluder made from felted Herdwick sheep’s wool. Our original and best-selling product ensures your home is heated efficiently by keeping the heat in and the cold draughts out.

We think a Chimney Sheep® is a no brainer! Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • Reduces your energy bills by up to £99 per year on average
  • Reduces your carbon output by about 250kg of CO2 per year
  • Stops wind noise coming down through the chimney
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling into the hearth
  • Works in the summer to keep your house cool
  • Reduces air pollution entering the home
  • Has industry reassurance as the only chimney draught excluder to hold a BBA certificate
  • Made in the UK at our factory here in Maryport using Herdwick wool collected during our Operation Wool project
  • About 20% of the profit goes towards planting trees through our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees

This size is suitable for classic “letter-box” style openings in fireplace surrounds. It will fit an opening that’s  3″ – 5″ deep (75 – 125mm) by 10″ – 15″ wide (250 – 380mm). Make sure the Chimney Sheep is an inch or two bigger on each dimension than the chimney you are fitting it into. It comes with a 6″ handle and 6″ extension rod, giving 12″ of reach altogether. If you’re not sure what size to get have a look at the sizing chart.

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How does a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder work? 

A Chimney Sheep®  draught excluder is made from highly durable and naturally breathable Herdwick wool, from a Herdwick sheep. The wool is treated with a unique ionic protect plasma which makes it 100% moth proof and aids with the longevity of the Chimney Sheep® (we have customers that have had the same ones for nearly 10 years!). It is then felted to create a unique flexible yet sturdy material. This makes the Chimney Sheep® perfect to plug the gap just above a fireplace.

The woollen pad of the Chimney Sheep® compresses to fit perfectly flues of all shapes and sizes making it far more efficient than any other chimney draught excluder on the market.  Inflatable chimney blockers and chimney umbrellas require a small gap to be left in your flue to allow ventilation but because wool is naturally breathable, a Chimney Sheep® doesn’t require that gap. Instead, once inserted into your chimney flue the 4.43 tog rated Chimney Sheep® acts like a duvet, blocking 95% airflow into and out of your chimney, whilst naturally permitting sufficient ventilation. It works to prevent warm air from escaping up the chimney and stopping cold air from coming in via the chimney when not in use, reducing the ‘stack effect’ phenomenon.

It is as simple as that! Read more about the stack effect and how a Chimney Sheep® works here. 


What are the benefits of using a Chimney Sheep® draught excluder?

The list is endless but here are a few of the main benefits:

  • Reduces your energy bills – a Chimney Sheep® stops about 5% of your household heat from escaping, reducing your heating bill by about £99 per year on average. You can estimate how much your home might save in energy costs by using our savings calculator.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint – a Chimney Sheep® makes your heating more efficient, reducing your CO2 output by up to 250kg per year.
  • No more wind noise – say goodbye to those horrendous howling winds coming through your chimney by plugging it with a Chimney Sheep® (you can turn your TV volume back down now…).
  • Stops wildlife and debris falling in – no more surprises in the hearth, a Chimney Sheep® will catch it all and stop your curious cat getting stuck up the chimney too!
  • Works in the summer – a Chimney Sheep® prevents hot air from entering your home and retains air-conditioned air, keeping your house cool in the summer.
  • Reduces air pollution in the home – a Chimney Sheep® reduces the number of air changes in a property so considerably reduces the amount of air pollution that enters the home.


Does a Chimney Sheep® REALLY work?

It really does! Don’t take our word for it, here is all the evidence:

  • We are the only chimney draught excluder to have a BBA Agrément Certificate. The achieve this the Chimney Sheep® had to go through numerous laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and product inspections, over several years, passing all the assessments to gain the award. The BBA is a worldwide credible industry body and the certificate means that Chimney Sheep® are recognised by building control, government departments, specifiers, and insurers as meeting the BBA’s standards of quality, safety and reliability. It provides you and them with reassurance of the product’s fitness for purpose.
  • Rigorously tested by BSRIA and the University of Liverpool which showed that a Chimney Sheep® will stop around 5% of household heat from escaping and therefore save users around £99 off the heating bill per year and up to 250kg of CO2 per year chimney, working to reduce energy bills going into winter.
  • Hailed as one of Grand Designs host, Kevin McCloud’s ‘Green Heroes’.
  • DIY Doctor 5* review – read the full review, here.
  • Chimney Sheep® has been featured in the press quite a bit too, from the likes of The Guardian, The Times, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home. You can have a look at some of the latest articles we’ve been featured in here.


Are Chimney Sheep® sustainably made?

Absolutely. We are really passionate about the environment and sustainability. Everything from our sourcing of wool to our packaging is chosen with the environment in mind and the aim of our reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can.

All Chimney Sheep® are made here in our factory in Maryport, Cumbria, using Herdwick wool sustainably sourced from farmers around Cumbria. We collect the wool once a year which we call our ‘Operation Wool’ project. We pay the local farmers a fair price for this which is usually more than the market price and helps to support them.

The felt head of a Chimney Sheep® usually lasts about 10 years and is 100% wool which means it is completely biodegradable and compostable. The handles are made with recyclable plastic therefore are extremely durable and designed to last for decades. We have designed them so that when the felt head does wear out, you can just replace it with a new felt head and keep the same handle to reduce waste and the use of excess plastic. When the time comes and you have to say goodbye to your felt head, get in touch with us.

By using a Chimney Sheep® you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and we are really passionate about helping you to reduce your CO2 output even further. That is why we have set up our very own Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees, so that with each purchase a proportion of the profits will go towards planting trees on agriculturally poor land. Fancy reading some more about Buy Land Plant Trees? Click here!


How do I work out what size of Chimney Sheep® I need?

All you need to do is measure your chimney. We promise, it sounds more complicated than it really is! Head over to our simple instructions which walk you through it. If you do have any trouble though, just get in touch and we can help!

Our standard Chimney Sheep sizes will fit the majority of chimney flues. However, each and every chimney (like us!) is unique so if your chimney doesn’t look like it will fit one of our standard sizes, contact us with the measurements and we will give you a quote for a made-to-measure Chimney Sheep® that will fit your chimney perfectly!

97 reviews for Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder – Oblong 6” x 16″ (15cm x 41cm)

  1. Alex

    Ideal for draughts and noisy pigeons

    In addition to the draught-excluding properties, it also works well as soundproofing against noisy pigeons! A much better choice than the metal damper I was looking at getting.

  2. Bav Shergill

    Very easy to use and works immediately

    Finally! Our cold and drafty room is cosier and we actually want to spend time in it!

  3. Micahel Oliver

    Great product and service

    I am very impressed with the information available on the website and the ease of speaking to a real person when ordering. Good product. Chimney draughts stopped/

  4. Jackie

    How have I lived without this for over 20 years?

    We enjoy our open fire and have lived in this house for over 20 years. It was only when fuel costs increased and I was looking to insulate the house better that I stumbled upon this product. So simple and SO effective. No draughts and no noise. Goodness knows how many £££ we have sent up the chimney over the years. Your size guide was brilliant and it was dead easy to fit. I love all things wooly – much nicer than alternatives. I have already recommended the chimney sweep to friends.

    I also bought the wrap which frankly was a bit pricey for what it is. I could easily have made one. However, I suspect that it will prove essential when it comes to taking the chimney sheep out, to relight the fire. It would be nice to offer as a bundle with a bit of discount on the wrap.

  5. Jan

    Very effective well made and great service

  6. Mark

    A relief!

    Mainly bought to dampen the wind noise down the chimney which it does very efficiently and of course stops the heat disappearing up it. Very easy to fit. Simple and does the job.

  7. Dorothy Kelley

    Brilliant product

    Well made and easy to fit. The room is warmer, no draughts from the fireplace and it reduces noise from outside considerably. Very pleased indeed.

  8. E z Kennedy

    Excellent product, very efficient service. Delighted.

  9. Deborah

    Great product! Great quality! Great company!

    I simply love my new Chimney Sheep. The entire process from measuring to fitting was totally straightforward. The package was delivered early. It fitted perfectly and was easy to install. Drafts eliminated. Real, measurable ‘green’ credentials. Good deeds done with a percentage of the profits. Well done to all. I would highly recommend the product and the company, and will definitely use you again.

  10. David Farlie

    No draughts

    Does just what is needed, no fuss, no draught.

  11. Keith Moore

    Worth every penny!!!

    Live at 650’ contour.
    When it’s stormy, chimney is very draughty.
    With fire on its ok.
    But when using just central heating room is cold.
    Chimney Sheep cured all that now room is very toasty!!!!!

  12. Elaine

    Works well

    No problems ordering or fitting and we no longer have draughts at floor level. Did not move during the recent very high winds

  13. Christine Schwarz

    Christine 4th February 2022

    The Chimney Sheep is so much more effective than cardboard which we previously had in front of the fire opening. That just diverted the draft from the front to the sides (straight onto my feet).
    This completely stops the draught and my gecko dangle didn’t move, even during the recent high winds we experienced recently.
    We often go to The Lake District and see the Herdwick Sheep on the fells. Nice to have our own reminder even though we can’t see it. We just feel the extra warmth in the room

  14. Chris Chambers

    Stopped draught straight away!

    It works. Perfectly. No more draughts down chimney. Arrived quickly. Couldn’t be happier.

  15. Richard Farndale

    Does the job

    Our chimney aperture is smaller (14 x 4 in) than the smallest rectangular sheep (16 x 6), but despite this the sheep pushed in OK and stopped draughts effectively. Very prompt delivery, thanks. We are happy to think some of our money goes towards tree planting.

  16. Kin Tam

    Eco in name & function

    Fits chimney really well, once I’ve pushed then pulled it down tight. Material looks hardy but best of all it is ecologically friendly; replaced a (plastic) chimney balloon which was leaking air. Time will tell if it lasts as long as advertised, so 4 stars for now due to unknown longevity.

  17. Susan Matheson

    Difficult to choose right size

    I’m principle this is a great product but it is difficult to measure the size of the chimney opening. As a result I bought one too small and of course once tried it is too sooty to return.

  18. Becky

    Great product that works really well

    It was easy to measure our chimney using the step by step instructions. The chimney sheep arrived within good time and was simple to install. We’ve found it’s making a real difference both to noise and the cold draught we used to get. We bought a cute decoration to hang from it that looks pretty in the fireplace and is a lovely bonus on top of the draught excluding. We’re really pleased and would recommend it. In fact we have! To numerous friends and family who are all measuring up their draughty chimneys for their own chimney sheep

  19. Rachel

    Love my chimney sheep!

    This seems to be a really good product, I like that it is natural and easy to fit. I have had a lot of problems with damp so am hopeful this product will allow air to continue to circulate. I no longer have debris falling into my fireplace.

  20. David John Denholm

    With fuel bills predicted to rise dramatically soon, this is a great product to have if you have a chimney flue that draws draughts of cold air through a room. We’ve noticed an immediate difference having fitted it.
    Also, a word of thanks about their customer service. Despite both the company and ourselves being given the wrong advice by Royal Mail regarding the first order being delivered when it hadn’t, the company sent a replacement without any quibbling.
    Excellent all round!!

  21. Ashwin Chauhan

    Excellent Product

    Very easy to install, Really has made a big difference. I am really glad i didn’t go for a balloon type. Would recommend to buy one as it will make a difference and save on cost.

  22. Annie saunders

    Excellent product

    Really easy to put in and remove when we want to fire.
    I was exceptionally impressed with the company because we ordered it just before Christmas and had a much warmer room for the Christmas period.
    Exceptionally good value.

  23. L Trace

    Excellent purchase

    I wish I had known about this many years ago. The room is Walker, I can almost feel myself saving monster and now, when birds land on the top of the chimney their noise is muffled!

    It came when expected, it was the size I expected and it’s doing a great job.

  24. Amanda

    Love my chimney sheep

    I couldn’t believe I had never heard of the chimney sheep! What a difference this had made. House feels cosier and the noise from the wind down the chimney has gone, the cat can’t try to escape up the chimney either. All in all the best £20 I’ve spent in a very long time.

  25. Susan Buck

    What a difference.......

    a Chimney Sheep makes! Fantastic product which has solved our draughty chimney problem. Our living room feels cosy even when we don’t light a fire and we have renamed it ‘The Snug’. Very happy.

  26. Donald Kilgallon

    Draughts gone

    Easy to fit and works perfectly – no cold down draughts since it was fitted and the room is warmer.

  27. Leon Stephens

    Works a Treat

    Fits into the neck of our 1920’s flue with no problem and instantly stopped the draught heading up there. Warmer house & the Air quality monitor shows no drop in quality either. Happy family :)

  28. helenc

    keeps my playroom warm

    i bought this to keep my playroom draft free and it works wonders. Added bonus, which i did not expect, my kittens love the dangly and don’t try to climb up the chimney-

  29. M Law

    Ideal product for Mum's chimney

    Advised to have one of these by the lady who sold Mam her new electic fire, after sixty-odd years with a coal fire. Mum has always knitted and spun wool, and was tickled pink to meet her new sheep. I fitted it for her, and she reports that so far it has been very well-behaved!
    Absolutely ideal for the situation, especially as I was able to leave one small gap at the side as for some reason there’s no ventilation in that room . Now the door doesn’t have to be left slightly open…

  30. Rob Stewart

    No more icy cold feet! Can’t believe I have suffered for years going to bed with freezing cold legs and feet. Bought one of these and easily fitted. Now my feet and legs are normal temperature at bed time. My wife thinks that’s great!!

  31. Steve Berry

    Just Buy One

    What a wonderful product. It simply squeezes into whatever shape your chimney is and stops all draughts. Brilliant. Every chimney should have one.

  32. Mrs Sara Williams

    Does what it says

    Definitely warmer room since fitting the sheep. delighted! Just wonder how we didn’t know about it till now, 11 draughty winters later. More publicity needed!! Well worth having, must be paying for itself. Was easy to push into the space; as they recommend, get a size a bit larger than the gap – yes, you may get a bit sooty measuring the hole so don’t wear your best jumper – as I did!

  33. PJG

    Baaa just the job

    Brilliant, stops draughts and blocks road noise. Difficult to measure the chimney and I may have bought a one slightly too big but is still useable.

  34. Helen craik


    Easy to fit and keeps the warmth in the room

  35. Val Harvey

    Chimney Sheep

    Very pleased – easily fitted. Glad to have a memory of Herdwick sheep in my home. Inner soles going under the Xmas tree.

  36. Nigel Jennings

    Works perfectly

    Delivered quickly, fitted straight away. Has definitely made the room warmer and less draughty.

  37. Mr Martin Perman

    Excellent product and service.

  38. John Vickers

    Happy customer

    Very easily fitted and drafts totally elimated.

  39. Kelly Standish

    So brilliant! Fits my standard 1910 flue perfectly and does exactly what it’s meant to. A very well made product and from a sustainable source too. Well done chimney sheep, you’ve ticked all the boxes.

  40. Marilyn

    No more banging door!

    On windy days I noticed the door swinging, the draught could only have come from the chimney. I was a apprehensive about fitting as the chimney opening was small, but I discovered that I could squeeze it through and pull it into position as instructed. A great product and very effective.

  41. Fran


    Excellent product, easy to use. Has stopped the draft into the room completely.

  42. Lee Jefferies

    Brilliant Idea

    Such a good idea, extremely well made and comes with clear instructions

  43. Natalie K

    Natalie K

    This is a fantastic product, I wish I knew about it sooner. It fits snugly into the chimney and stops draughts and wind noise. It has made a real difference to how warm the room is. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Prompt delivery and a very reasonably priced, sustainable product.

  44. Grace

    Works well

    Very happy with it, easy to install and remove. Stops the draughty noise when it’s windy outside.

  45. Pam

    Looks great

    Love this product, it stops draughts, wind noise and heat going up the chimney too! Also it is made of sheeps wool therefore helping the sheep industry and it is environmentally friendly. Order processed and delivered quickly.


    Great product

    I’ve bought 3 Chimney Sweeps over last few months to use in unused chimneys in bedrooms. Now no draughts and, more importantly, no debris falling down chimney We measured and fitted the pads as directed on the website and they all tuck in nicely. Would recommend.

  47. Daniel

    Looks nice, does what it says on the box

    The wool is nice and thick and the overall quality of the build is excellent. My chimney was slightly different in size/measurement than the options offered but due to the flexibility of the wool, I was able to cram it in there and get a good snug fit. It’s not airtight, but it’s 10x better than what I had before, which was nothing). I’d highly recommend this product, not least because it’s made using natural materials and not tons of plastic or other hydrocarbon-based materials.

  48. Julieann

    Chimney Sheep

    I’ve tried other products, even my own inventions, but this is the best! I simply ordered a slightly bigger one and it fits a treat for a space that didnt come as standard. Now I’ve ordered a decorative dangler from this super uk company to dress the chimney space. Its brilliant! And….I’m helping the environment by purchasing my product. Only wish I had more empty chimneys 😅

  49. D Adams

    Brilliant highly recommended

    Brilliant product, fitted perfectly and cut down all the drafts immediately. Highly recommended.

  50. cba

    Good product.

    This stops rubble coming through the chimney.

  51. Mr Steven I Lee

    Amazing, the house is so much warmer

    This has made such a difference and everyone comments “what is that thing dangling out of your chimney” they are always amused to be told “Its the chimney sheep” and proceed to laugh about the prospect of a sheep being stuck up the chimney! In terms of practicality it has made a massive difference and in the winter the house was much warmer.

  52. MikeT1Photo

    It's a no brainer !!!

    Well what did I like = everything east to install I bought a slightly bigger one than I needed and quite simply the draught just stopped great value for money this is a no brainer highly recommend this item 100/100.

  53. Daniel

    Support British producers

    This is made from Herdwick sheep wool , it is excellent. Fits the chimney space easily and with the rod it can be removed easily too. Stops the down draught and the room is much warmer

  54. Elizabeth Izod

    It works!

    It was a bit of a shame that there weren’t more side options as my chimney opening is very slim but I purchased based on the size guide and it does the job.
    Because it’s a bit big, you can see it when looking at the fireplace but I don’t mind that really because it’s fairly inconspicuous and better than the towel we bunged up there before.
    Tried to check if it would fit in the plastic which was kind of impossible, but out of the plastic it was more mailable and was able to squeeze it up there. It’s doing a fabulous job of keeping the draught at bay!

    Chimney Sheep® Chimney Draught Excluder - Oblong 6” x 16" (15cm x 41cm)
  55. Joanne Gibson


    After several removals and reinsertions it does come out rather bent, but still seems to work well. Certainly much easier to manage than a chimney balloon when wanting a fire, you’d have to deflate, remove, have fire, reinsert, reflate hoping all gaps are closed. With this you just pull it out, have fire, then push inside again and tug down to seal.

  56. Mark

    Best thing I've bought, cured a cold room

    We’ve moved into a new house and found the lounge was really cold due to the draught from the chimney, a bit of Google research turned the Chimney Sheep up. It took about 30 seconds to install and its transformed the room into a liveable space, weve even recommended it to the neighbours since.

  57. Amazon Customer

    quality of product which is very good

    has made a big improvement, not 100% but certainly 90%, the missing 10% may be down to my installation rather than any problem with the product

  58. Amazon Customer

    works well

    this traps most of the chills and odd debris. still have a gap but have narrow old chimney

  59. avidshopper

    How have I lived without one up to now?

    What an amazing thing! We have an open fire which we light a few times a week or when it’s particularly cold. But on unlit days you can feel the warm central heated air being sucked out and hear the cold wind whistling down the chimney. Using the chimney sheep has stopped all this. The room is so much warmer on non-fire days. Wish I’d known about this product before.

  60. Jennifer

    Excellent value for money.

    Exactly what it says. Open it, attach the handle, push it up the chimney and pull it back down slightly to lock it in place. Me fuel bill has been reduced during the coldest and wettest February in recent years. Added benefit, it’s stopped the neighbours cigarette smoke from coming in.

  61. Alias

    it changed the temperature in my living room drastically

    If you have a fireplace with a chimney and without a shutter, you need this. My living room’s temperature went up 3 degrees Celsius in winter after installing it. It’s a huge saving in heating expenses

  62. Colin

    Fabulous Product

    This is so easy to install and as completly cut the draft from the chinmey

  63. Amazon Customer

    Really Makes a difference

    This has really made a difference to the draughts in my living room. Cant think why I didnt get one earlier

  64. Amazon Customer

    Good quality product

    Product good quality, easy to install just make sure you wear goggles or glasses. Simple idea that makes a big difference. Efficient delivery

  65. Amazon Customer

    Unused flue - now draught AND noise free

    We used to get a cold draught around our legs from unused gas fireplace in our lounge. Ordered wrong size to start. This was second attempt and took a bit of shoving and tweaking but now works perfect. Added bonus was blocking wind noise . As we don’t use fire we haven’t attached handle and is totally unobtrusive.

  66. David C.


    Works well
    Well made
    No issues

  67. dcw

    Really did the job. Room and house at least a couple of degrees warmer.

    Good service, arrived when expected. Fitted to chimney above gas coal effect fire.Wished we had done this years ago as always suffered from draft which seemed to be caused by the open and chimney. Also fitted carbon monoxide sensor alarm just in case. Now room toasty warm and rid of that nasty cold draft around the feet.. Great product.

  68. Laurie C.

    This is great for stopping drafts around the room and up the ...

    This is great for stopping drafts around the room and up the chimney and saves messing around with card, paper or other methods. It’s a little fiddly to fit on mine, but I have a feeling that’s more down to my chimney than the product itself. Do measure carefully, and if in doubt go for the larger rather than ‘just right’ as they’re quite flexible and it will help it fit quickly and easily.

  69. stevehussey

    Works Far Better than Chimney Balloon

    Bought this Chimney Sheep draught excluder to replace inflatable plastic chimney balloon which needed topping up with air every 3 weeks. This excluder is made of thick wool felt and is flexible so is easy to jiggle around into position once up the chimney. Even with the balloon in place we used to find some soot and debris in the fireplace after heavy rain or wind, whereas with this draught excluder there is none so presumably the fit is perfect – certainly we no longer feel any draught. Comes with extension to handle in case you need to put it higher up in the chimney.

  70. The way I see it…

    Very easy to use chimney blocker provides perfect seal and prevents heat loss up chimney.

    I noticed that the room which contained our fireplace got very cold below knee level. I started by using a piece of cardboard to block the chimney which worked but was very difficult and messy to install. The Chimney Sheep works perfectly being easy to install and remove (be careful what comes out when you remove it) and the hanging tag reminds you not to start fire while it’s installed (done this once and it’s not fun).

    I wasn’t sure what size I needed but went for the 9″ x 16″ even though our chimney is a lot smaller than this but it fits fine in the area that tapers up to the flue.

    Our room is much warmer now in Winter when there’s no fire lit. Great product if a little expensive.

  71. David P

    Excellent, easy to use and well made

    We recently moved to a house with a victorian style open grate, and the previous owners had blocked the chimney with a bin liner stuffed with paper. It worked well enough as far as stopping drafts goes, but did not allow the chimney to breath or dry out, and was not easy to keep pulling out and replacing. This may seem expensive, but it is very easy to use, especially if you want to make occasional use of the fireplace and block it up in between, gives a very good seal, and if it gets damp from rain etc., it will breathe and dry out.

  72. DJrocker

    Keeps out the draughts

    Easy to install and it does cut out some of the cold air draught from our fireplace

  73. JHH

    Open fire...must have

    It has made a rwal difference in reducing cold air draughts from the chimney. Highly recommend

  74. Berneboy

    We are surprised how good it is

    This product is working really well for us. Our dining room is much warmer and there is no dust falling from the chimney. We had to replace a plastic ‘blow up’ chimney sock but there really is no comparison – this is excellent.

    It was a doddle to fit though I had been concerned about size as several sizes are available. Measure first if you buy one.

  75. Terry Prachet

    Works as expected, blocks chimney hole

    Bought to block the chimney hole to stop the cat getting up there. It was too large for thr hole but as it’s designed to be wedged, the overlap wasn’t a problem and it stays up

  76. annatf

    It works

    Used the chart to figure out the correct size. Installed easily. Have had a few days and it’s definitely blocked noise, draughts and the messy soot that drops, and it was windy outside yesterday and nothing dropped onto the hearth. I love it, it’s a bit quirky, and I’m so pleased that I got this rather than the balloon. This feels reusable and I think it will last longer.

  77. Katherine Shakespeare-Ward

    Chimney sheep is baa-rilliant

    Why do you need a chimney sheep? Anyone who’s chimney isn’t sealed is who! We have a open chimney with a ‘faux fire’ at the bottom. It’s not sealed in and the chimney isn’t capped.

    We moved in 2 years ago and haven’t investigated it much until a little while ago. The previous residents had shoved newspaper up there and when we looked to clear it as I’d got loads of dust on the Garth, we found about 6 dead skeletons of birds. All cleaned we thought all done and pushed newspaper back…until about 3 weeks ago I heard a fluttering. Bird in the chimney. The bird died and rotted…and then we had flies…massive flies!!

    So this brings me to the chimney sheep. My friend has these in her home and I was looking for something to help with my bird issue when I came across these. I measured up the hole my chimney has and purchased it. The sheep is a tiny bit small as our original fireplace is gone so it’s a bit rugged. Saying that it has stopped all the dust from coming down and seems to keep in the heat (won’t know 100% until winter).

    It is expensive for what is a blob of wool on the stick but I would recommend it!!

  78. miss b

    I should have bought this years ago

    Fast delivery, it really has made a difference. Have already recommended to a friend to get one too.

  79. Noonic

    Very happy with my chimney sheep!

    I’m very pleased with my chimney sheep! I was worried because it’s larger than the hole but it fits in beautifully. It comes with a nice tag to attach to the bottom so that it dangles down visibly……. Ensures that you don’t accidentally start a fire when your sheep is in place. Also a nice card which I set on the grate for an extra reminder.
    I’ve lived in my house for 17 years. I had no idea chimney sheep existed. It definitely makes a difference! It keeps the heat in and also it feels quieter in my lounge. Definitely worth the money!!! Love the name too.

  80. Victoria M

    Buy a size an inch or two over what you need

    Does exactly what it’s meant to do.
    Stops the draught coming from our chimney perfectly! It doesnt really dampen down the noise, but we just wanted the draft to stop.

  81. Amazon Customer

    Wish size had been on info

    Measurements not on information so it’s actually too small for my chimney, but I didn’t feel able to return something that was filthy after I’d shoved it up the chimney🙁. If I’m honest, not completely sure how to measure a chimney flue accurately anyway.
    The product itself is a great idea and very easy to use/install. I’ve managed to wedge it in at an angle, so blocks most of draft.
    If it’s the right size for your chimney I would definitely recommend.

  82. CHRIS

    A useful device

    This item has worked well for us so far, but time will tell. Fairly easy to fit but our chimney was a little bit obstinate at first. Very pleased overall.

  83. Timewaster

    Get one

    Does exactly what it says in the tin (well box)
    Keeps the lounge warm and stops the drafts.
    Great bit of kit for the money

  84. Winwin

    Size is too big

    Fast delivery from Amazon, the product is a very good design, and good quality.
    Double check your chimmy and fire metal frame size before buying it, my fire metal frame got a narrow opening to the chimmy, i had to unscew the frame, and push it in, but the product is still too big, it still block the draught, but it is not easy to push it in, i dont think i will pull it out now
    It would be nice if the product can be cut to smaller size option like the shoe insoles

  85. Graham Rouse

    Great when it’s in!

    I bought this because I couldn’t close off our bedroom fireplace. It was draughty and if we had a fire downstairs we got fumes upstairs. It wasn’t really suitable for a balloon so I bought the sheep. I had a proper 10 minute wrestle with it to get it in including breaking one of the handles. However now it’s in I’m really happy with it. Fortunately I’m not planning to use the upstairs fireplace so it’s never coming out!

  86. Betsy Magnet

    No more draughts!

    Our second sheep and wouldn’t be without it to stop the draughts coming from the chimney, when it’t not in use!

  87. sidecar

    Delighted !

    Received my chimney sheep a couple of days ago. Only took a couple of minutes to fit & immediately I noticed the draught from the chimney had gone. Why didn’t I buy one of these years ago ?. One very happy customer!!!

  88. Toot’s

    Easy to use.

    Delivery was very swift. The item is very easy to install and does what it says on the tin. Great.

  89. Paulina


    Just moved to a new house with a lovely fireplace but when it’s not used the draught is unreal. However, this chimney sheep fits perfectly in and blocks the air coming down from the chimney. Very happy with the product.

  90. MJay

    It seems an excellent product but just don’t make my mistake

    i Am disabled and struggled to measure. What I thought was the right place on my gas fire vent outlet. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that the space BEHIND this vent is much larger. It seems an excellent product but just don’t make my mistake… 😪

  91. Tom

    Flexible oblong chimney blocker

    What can you say about a chimney blocker? It is reasonably well made, and can block drafts. I chose this size because it matched the size of the chimney hole and I wanted to make sure it would fit. What I didn’t realise is that the edges of this are very flexible, and I would have been better off buying one size up. That is the reason I give it 3 stars instead of 4. Otherwise, it reduced the draft and does the job.