1m wide x 20m long roll of jute weed control for hedging


This jute weed control for hedging takes mulching to another level. The tree spat discs provide excellent weed control and mulching for individual saplings, but if you are planting a hedge this makes life a lot easier. Simply roll it out along the length of where the hedge is to go, then cut holes through the fabric to plant the whips through.

Conventional hedging necessitates the use of herbicides to remove all weeds, then planting of the whips, usually with guards and stakes, then returning for re-treatment of herbicides to manage weed control. Using the jute weed control for hedging reduces this work and use of chemicals. The jute efficiently supresses the weeds. The weed control fabric can be cut with a pair of sharp scissors or knife, puncturing holes in it through which the whips can be planted.

What maintenance does the jute weed control for hedging require?

None. Just plant and go! The jute will supress weeds and remove the need to return and spray or strim. The jute lasts at least a year by which time the whips will be well established. It gradually biodegrades down to provide additional nutrients for the young trees. It also retains moisture thus reducing the need to water in dry conditions.

Are tree guards necessary?

This is up to you. I find them ugly and obtrusive, adding to the plastic litter that surrounds us. In a situation like the photograph below, the fencing will keep sheep and deer off the trees. They will be vulnerable to foraging from rabbits, but we have found that Grazers is effective against browsing mammals. It’s completely natural and another bonus is that it helps your plants to grow. Tree guards force a tree to grow upwards but this can be at the cost of putting down good root structure. When the guards are removed the trees can be prone to wind damage. And trees like to put out side branches, which they can’t do when they are confined to a tube. We’ve avoided using guards with our own planting and the trees are growing rapidly without too much damage from grazing mammals but it does depend a little on the conditions and surrounding habitat.

hedge planted using herbicides and tree guards
Tree guards add to the plastic litter in the countryside and can cause as many problems as they resolve. Conventional hedge planting requires use of herbicides to prepare the ground, which jute weed control for hedging eliminates.