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20 Trees Voucher

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20 Trees Voucher

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Are you trying to find a gift for the person who has everything? Or the person that has said “oh no, no don’t worry about a present for me” but you know that if you don’t buy them something, they’ll be secretly devastated? Or maybe you are just a bit rubbish at wrapping and would rather do without the faff?

Well, whether you need a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or just because our voucher to plant 2o trees is perfect!  This voucher will come in the post with a card and envelope made from recycled materials for you to give to your loved ones!

100% of the money from this voucher will go towards our Buy Land Plant Trees project. It will buy 20 trees that will be planted in one of our agriculturally useless plots of land in the Lake District. The trees will grow for years to come and will play a small but important role in helping the environment! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Where will the 20 Trees be planted?

The 20 trees bought with this voucher will be planted in one of our two fields which are both local to us, in the Lake District National Park. We have a 100-acre plot, 13-acre field and a seven-acre field all of which we are in the process of planting. We are always on the hunt for local bits of land which are agriculturally useless to buy up and plant trees on so there will be plenty more fields to come in the future where the 20 trees bought with this voucher could be planted!


What is Buy Land Plant Trees?

Buy Land Plant Trees (BLPT) is our Community Interest Company that we set up to, well, buy land and plant trees. About 20% of the profit from every purchase made with Chimney Sheep Ltd (apart from this voucher where 100% of the profit will be given to BLPT) goes towards the project.

We buy land that is agriculturally poor, that can’t sustain much livestock grazing and is rubbish for arable use. There is a lot of that sort of land around Cumbria. Wet, boggy, dominated by rushes. Once upon a time most of the landscape would have been covered in trees. This has been removed over the centuries, for farming, shipbuilding, mining, iron and steel working. The landscape that we look at as having a bleak beauty, is a consequence of intensive agricultural and industrial use. We plant trees to create a more diverse habitat and for carbon capture. As it is a Community Interest Company it’s “asset locked”. This means that any donations made to the company stay within it, in perpetuity. All the fields we buy and woodlands we create remain in ownership of the company for as far into the future as we can glimpse. The idea is not to extract timber, but to have trees that become big and old and gnarly and over time provide homes for all kinds of wildlife.

As we mentioned above, we currently have two fields and are always looking to add more so watch this space! You can read more about BLPT here and find out about our latest update here.


What are the benefits of planting trees?

There are lots of reasons! It captures carbon, creates wildlife habitat, reduces erosion and reduces flooding (to name a few!). Planting trees is just an all-round good way of helping the environment. Although we are just doing it on a small scale, the phrase “think globally, act locally” applies here! We can’t do much about everything happening in other parts of the world like deforestation, the use of unsustainable resources, the huge amounts of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere, the list goes on! BUT, we can take action locally which is exactly what we have done. Planting trees makes the world a better place – fact.

1 review for 20 Trees Voucher

  1. F Ablett

    Seems like a good idea

    I think these vouchers will be popular as gifts, with those who value the environment.

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