4 inch mini mulch mats pack of 60


These mini mulch mats are perfect for protecting baby plants that you need to nurture. You can either fit them round plants in the bed or onto individual plant pots.

These 4 inch / 10cm mini mulch mats will offer protection to individual plants that you have transplanted and need to protect. The felted jute sits firmly around the plant, retaining moisture in the soil around the base of the plant, preventing them from drying out too quickly. They will also prevent weed seeds from taking root, and repress any existing weeds, reducing competition for water and nutrients. They will protect the roots from frost to a certain extent. And finally….while we can never promise that they will deter slugs and snails, they will make it a lot harder for the greedy molluscs to gain access and devour precious baby plants. We’ve had a lot of success from pre-soaking the mats in the Hole-less Hosta garlic decoction, which seems to have been very effective at persuading the slugs and snails to go and consume something else. Like beer. Mwah ha ha ha. It’s not kind but nor are they.

The mats are made from 100% jute, by felting jute fibre recycled from coffee bags onto a jute carrier material. The jute is long lasting but will eventually rot down providing nutrients for the plant it is protecting. By this time the baby plant should be all grown up and fending for itself or need a larger jute mulch mat in order to give it a larger weed-free moisture retaining space.