8″ / 20cm jute mulch mats pack of 25


These 8″ mulch mats fit neatly into pots or directly onto beds to protect plants. They reduce water evaporation, helping to drive water deeper into the soil. They create a natural barrier against weeds. And they help to reduce temperature fluctuations so that the roots don’t get too hot or too cold. This is a useful-sized pack of 25 mats.

The benefits of mulch are widespread, both for domestic gardeners and widescale horticulturalists, farmers and foresters. Studies of mulch in draught-prone countries have demonstrated how the water-saving properties of mulch improve crop growth and reduce herbicide use through natural weed suppression. It’s a technique that’s been around for millennia, but it seems to have fallen out of favour through modern farming methods. Mulch is enjoying a come-back. I’ve certainly noticed the benefits of mulch in my garden and in my field-on-its-way-to-becoming-a-forest.

What is mulch?

Mulch is defined as any material that is placed on the surface of cultivated soil. They can be placed over beds / fields or over compost in individual pots. These 8″ mulch mats fit standard plant pots and are a useful size for putting around individual plants in beds. They are perfect for protecting strawberry plants from soil contamination.

What are the benefits of mulch?

Mulch is useful in a variety of ways:

Supresses weeds – by smothering the compost with mulch around the plants that are to be protected, the weeds don’t have access to light, can’t photosynthesise, and therefore perish and eventually rot away into the ground

Conserves water – the 8″ mulch mats allow water to permeate through it into the soil below but they form a barrier that reduces the amount of water that evaporates off the soil’s surface.

Protects against temperature changes – these 8″ mulch mats act as an insulator, helping to regulate soil temperature to keep plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


But I need more than just 8″ mulch mats?!

Lucky for you we do our brilliant jute tree spats and mulch mats in a wide variety of sizes – only have very small potted plants ? Try our packs of 60 mini mulch mats! Growing a woodland – try our 40cm mats – you can even call us with a bespoke order and we’ll try our best to accommodate you!