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Alder Tree Bombs

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Alder Tree Bombs

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As many of you might know, we are rather passionate about trees and have our own Buy Land Plant Trees project! So, we wanted to share the tree love and encourage you to plant your own trees with these Alder Tree Bombs from which we got from Treebombs.

Did you know that we currently need to plant 1 trillion trees to stop climate change? Scary right? Once upon a time most of the landscape would have been covered in trees. However, over time these have been removed due to industry, agriculture and increased demand for housing. Trees are vital for the environment as they capture carbon, create diverse habitats for our wildlife, reduce flooding and also reduce erosion.

Each pack contains 20 tree bombs within which there are multiple Alder seeds. Not only does using seed balls make planting trees more accessible to everyone by making the tree planting process more cost-effective and less labour intensive but they also improve germination rates too! So go on, get tree bombing!

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How do I plant these tree bombs?

Tree bombs do not need ‘planting’ in the traditional sense. You can literally just chuck ‘em and let them grow! Each ball contains clay and soil which act to protect the seeds until they are ready to germinate. Charcoal is also added to the mix to aid germination and deter predators, giving them the best chance of survival.

We also have wildflower seed bombs if you fancy adding a bit of colour to some land. They work in exactly the same way and are great for attracting bees and other insects.


Where should I plant the Alder Tree Bombs?

To ensure these Alder seeds have the best chance of survival, you want to be throwing them into areas that will help them grow. Alder trees like wet terrain and can cope with being inundated with water, so are great for areas with poor drainage. We have used them in our seven-acre field which is part of our Buy Land Plant Trees project and it’s remarkable how quickly they’ve grown.

Alder trees are pretty good at germinating and growing without any special measures, hence why they work so well in these seed bombs. You want to choose unused, waste ground to throw your tree bombs into. That way, there is less competition. Alder trees are a pioneer species meaning they are one of the few species able to populate areas that are too barren for most others. They also add nitrogen to the soil which in turn provides an environment for other species to thrive. A few years down the line, you might see other sorts of foliage growing where you threw your seed bomb and this is all thanks to the special wonders of Alder trees.

You can read more about Alder trees here where we wrote a little fact file about them!


Why should we be planting trees?

According to Treebombs, we need to plant 1 trillion trees to solve the climate crisis. That equates to about 100 trees per person on this earth! Why? Well, as you will be aware, our climate is changing rapidly due to an increase in carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. Simply put, they reflect the sun’s radiation back towards our planet which causes it to warm up. Trees are able to absorb carbon and lock it up in their wood so by planting trees we can all help to reduce the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, minimising the impact of global warming.

Years ago, there would have been trees all over our landscape but due to industry, agriculture and the increased need for housing, a lot of those trees have been removed. This has caused a loss of habitat for many animals which has had knock-on effects on their survival. A lack of trees has also caused increased flooding in lots of areas – we have witnessed that first hand here in Cumbria. Trees help the land to hold more water, acting like a sponge so that the water is retained rather than running off so quickly.

All in all, adding trees back into our landscapes is important for preventing climate change from going any further, an important way to help rebuild ecosystems and protect our livelihoods too!

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  1. Dave


    Arrived quickly and have been scattered, now we will have to wait for some years before I can complete this review when they have grown.

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