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Letterbox Brush Seal ~Aluminium Effect Metal

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Letterbox Brush Seal ~Aluminium Effect Metal

(30 customer reviews)


Do you feel as though you’re in a constant battle to beat the draughts creeping down your chimney, under your doors and through your letterbox? Well, the good news is that draught proofing your home with a Chimney Sheep Internal Letterbox Draught Excluder, is easier than you think.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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How does the Draught Proof Letterbox work?

Whilst your letterbox is often overlooked as a serious source of concern, when it comes to draughts, when you’re keeping a close eye on your energy bills, every little helps. Just like an open window, an open letterbox will act to draw warm air out and allow cold air to creep in. However, our aluminium effect metal letterbox brush seal, complete with thick brush strips – draught proofs letterboxes, acting as a barrier to draughts, wind and rain, whilst also preventing warm air from escaping.

What are the benefits of installing a Letterbox Draught Excluder?

  • Energy Efficient~ Installing a letter box draught excluder into your home is an eco-friendly method to help you save money. How? Because by preventing warm air from escaping and cold air from invading, your heating system will no longer need to work as hard, to reach the temperature which you desire.
  • Home Comfort~ Above all else, the Letterbox Insulation Cover is designed to make your home more comfortable, especially during the winter months. Say goodbye to chilly draughts and rain seeping through your letterbox.
  • Easy Install~ The internal letterbox draught excluder measures 335mm x 75mm and attaches very easily to the inside of your door- requiring no tedious DIY work.

Made and manufactured in the UK, the Chimney Sheep Letterbox Brush Seal is available to order in either a “Gold Effect” or “Aluminium Effect”- both beautifully crafted to compliment your home decor.

30 reviews for Letterbox Brush Seal ~Aluminium Effect Metal

  1. J. J. Barrett

    Efficient draught excluder

    Great draught exclusion properties. Solid and plentiful bristles.

  2. purpletonio

    Just the job

    Very easy to fit. Have had it up for a couple of weeks now – definitely noticed a difference – our front door leads straight into the sitting room and the once annoying draught had now gone. Had quite a few largish packages posted through and brushes still in perfect condition. Great value product.

  3. keith spowage

    Five Stars

    Excellent product received on time and as advertised. Would recommend this to others

  4. RK

    Five Stars

    as expected. Thanks.

  5. S. Thomas

    Fit for purpose

    A great letter box cover. It came with screws and was easy to install. Fit for purpose.

  6. g. hem

    Four Stars

    Easy to fit does the job

  7. Benji1

    Great quality

    Very good quality product
    Y easy to fit
    Took me 5 minute

  8. John Porter


    Keeps flies out

  9. Pamela

    Temp cover

    Using as temp until change door it is what it say it is.

  10. carol

    Suitable for covering up letterbox opening on inside of door

    Suited for what I needed to cover a letter box hole on the inside and prevent draughts coming in. Is quite thin plastic so will see how long it lasts but for now and given the price it’s suitable for my needs

  11. Lorna Alexander

    Easy to fit and keeps out draughts

    This was ideal for covering an untidy letter box. Keeps the draught out and was very easy to fit.

  12. Vicki Coxon

    Stops draft.


  13. moon granny

    Should have fitted it long ago

    – Now at the end of winter – it still makes a difference to the draught blowing in! The postman doesn’t like it – but it is an excellent product and next winter = will reduce the heating bills!

  14. William

    Buy it!

    Such a simple design but has completely changed our house as it keeps cold air out and let’s us actually have heat, which also means reduced electricity bills!

  15. Kiki 97

    Letterbox cover

    Good item, blocked an awful draughty letterbox, seems good quality

  16. Carol

    Letterbox cover.

    Did want I needed it to do. Cover the letter box hole on the inside of the door. No issues.

  17. Winny the pooh


    Not brilliant. I can feel some air getting through, but ok for the money.

  18. DM

    Sturdy, effectively blocks draughts

    Bought this to stop draughts coming in through my letter box. Easy to fit, strong bristles, has 100% stopped the draughts. Excellent quality.

  19. Pete Smith

    Three Stars

    Does what it has to.

  20. Gemma7186

    Good sturdy product.

    I have a cat that loves post time and a postman that’s learnt not to ram post in the box! After the last letter box was ruined this has stood the test of time so far (a couple of months) robust sturdy and neat looking.

  21. Vash

    Five Stars

    Good quality and stops the wind, bristles very close together and doesn’t let any draft come in

  22. june


    Does the job, decent price, recommend.

  23. Guy

    My office is now draught free

    No draughts up my trouser leg now when the wind blows.
    Well chuffed.

  24. Stephen Dawe

    Good quality letter box cover

    Good quality letter box cover, for the price! Simple to fit and does a good job of keeping out the drought.

  25. T Hathaway

    Works well

    I fitted this a few weeks ago and love it. Every now and again I can’t resist putting my fingers in to see how cold it is on the other side. It certainly does a good job of keeping the breeze from outside at bay.

    The postman hasn’t made any comments yet so I can only assume that it’s all good with him posting my letters through it.

  26. Ben Lake

    Three Stars

    It works

  27. Scribblie Reader

    Exactly what it said it was, and does the job

    I ordered this internal letterbox cover to replace a previous one that had lasted for many years. This new one was exactly the same size, and easy to fit into the old screw holes. So far it has done the job for which it was bought, and I have no complaints. All that remains is to see how long it lasts, and how robust it is when large items of post are pushed past it.

  28. Jan Featherstone

    fits OK

    Easy to fit onto my door, as I already had the holes drilled from the last box brush cover. Took no more than 5 mins to replace my old and broken one

  29. Gemma Lou

    No more drafts!

    This was so simple to install and was up and working in no time. I have gone from receiving a noticeable draft from the letterbox to feeling no draft at all from the letterbox so is definitely deserving of 5 stars.

    It also arrived on time and well packaged.

  30. chriscole51

    Good value

    I bought this to tidy up the back of the letter box opening. Was very inexpensive and did the job well

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