Aries Anti-Tick Repellent Spray


Ticks don’t fall from trees, they don’t jump or fly. They rely on stealth, cunning and a remarkable sense of smell to find they victims. Confound them with this natural, safe-to-humans Aries anti-tick repellent.

Aries anti-tick repellent spray is a tick repellent containing Lemon Eucalyptus oil (EC Oil H/C).

Ticks Can’t Jump – so how do they get onto humans?

As you will well know, it is awful to get a blood-sucking parasitical tick sinking its mouth parts into your tender flesh, especially as they have a tendency to home in on more delicate areas. But how do they get on you in the first place? They have mastered a technique called questing. They can smell an unsuspecting victim approaching from many metres away. They crawl up a plant stem and simply extend their front legs. Bizarrely, it looks like it’s sitting there waiting for a hug. BUT IT’S NOT CUTE! It is waiting for you to brush against it, from where it will attach itself to you, suck your blood, potentially infect you with a disease-causing pathogen, gorge itself on your blood until it is so bloated it falls off and lays another thousand or so eggs to hatch into more blood-sucking monsters.

That’s where Aries Anti-tick repellent spray comes in handy. It contains Lemon Eucalyptus and smells so gorgeous you could honestly wear it as aftershave. It smells absolutely revolting to a tick though. Ticks have remarkable olfactory senses and rely on “Hallers organs” in their front legs to detect approaching victims. If they get a whiff of Lemon Eucalyptus they think that can’t possibly be a delicious human full of yummy blood and let you walk on by.

I’s a great addition to our repellents range which includes our Lavender Moth Repellent and our Anti Moth Spray