Bamboo & Wool Duster


We love wool so when we saw this bamboo & wool duster we had to try it and we loved it! Made here in the UK, it combines hard-wearing bamboo and with the wonders of wool for a functional yet stylish duster that will ensure your house is kept spic and span (and it’s great for the environment!). The classic long dusting head design allows you to clean hard to reach corners and the handle has a neat hanging hook loop for easy storage. It is a wonderful alternative to a regular duster and works just as well, if not better!

Dimensions: 7cm x 60cm x 5cm


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Why use wool and bamboo for a duster?

Using wool and bamboo for this duster creates a winning combination!

The bamboo an extremely hard-wearing wood that ensures that this duster has been built to last. This bamboo is from a sustainable source and naturally antibacterial too.

We talk about the wonders of wool a lot and have lots of products made of wool, like our wonderful Chimney Sheep! So here is yet another wonderful use for the sustainable, compostable material. The super-soft natural wool on this duster has an incredible ability to scoop up the dust and hold on to it to enable you to clear all your surfaces, nooks and crannies of dust in one quick sweep, from hard to reach corners to delicate china.

The combination of the two materials makes for a lovely looking duster that is super practical and cleans the dust well off all sorts of surfaces in all sorts of hard to reach places. We tried it ourselves and were very impressed! In fact, one of the members of staff at Chimney Sheep HQ tried it and said ‘I don’t think my house has ever been as dust-free’. Praise indeed for this humble duster!

Why not pair this duster with our recycled plastic mop pail & wringer for the ultimate eco cleaning package!


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