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Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder 1KG

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  • Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder
  • Bio-D Washing Powder

Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder 1KG

(9 customer reviews)


This Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder is tough on dirt, gentle on skin and doesn’t harm the environment. We know that sometimes eco-friendly cleaning products can be a bit…well, not particularly functional but we can confidently say that this stuff works and we love it!

This non-bio washing powder is made here in the UK and is accredited as hypoallergenic by Allergy UK. It is free from enzymes and optical brighteners but still manages to pack a punch and get your clothes SQUEAKY CLEAN! Although fragrance-free, this can be paired with the Bio-D lavender fabric conditioner to give your washing a lovely, natural whiff.

It is SLS and SLES free, suitable for septic tanks and can be used in the washing machine or for garments needing handwashes.

Weight: 1KG

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Why swap to this Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder?

Unlike most other washing powders, this Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder is good for your skin and the planet. It is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on the market. It cleans clothes without harsh chemicals and instead uses natural sodiums, cuts plastic from your laundry routine and is biodegradable and free from toxins. Oh AND it’s hypoallergenic. Pretty impressive hey?


What’s wrong with conventional laundry powders?

Most conventional laundry detergents contain surfactants that are made from chemicals from the petrochemical industry. Although these break down dirt and stains, they leave residues in the fabric which can affect human health by causing skin and lung irritation. They are also only able to biodegrade anaerobically which means once they get washed down the drain into a sewage place or a river they do not biodegrade if oxygen isn’t present. This can mean some rather nasty chemicals are left in our waterways which can be harmful to wildlife.

Detergents can also contain other chemical ingredients such as phosphates, phosphonates and carboxylates. These cause eutrophication, a process that disrupts the natural ecosystem of rivers and streams, creating problems for fish and other wildlife by causing blooms of blue-green algae.

So, all in all, they aren’t too brilliant for our planet or us, but making a swap to this concentrated washing powder can make a massive difference.


Why do we love this washing powder?

If you’ve read above, you will have gathered that it’s pretty great for the environment vs. regular laundry powders. Sometimes though, things that are eco-friendly aren’t actually all that functional or just aren’t as good as the ‘non-eco’ alternative. Well, after trying and testing this ourselves, we can safely say this is not only eco-friendly, but it actually works too! It works very well in fact and resulted in some lovely, clean laundry!

This washing powder is also really versatile. It can be used in washing machines, like normal, but it is also gentle enough to use as a hand wash, whilst being great for sensitive skin. It is a bit of an all-round winner in our eyes! Why not pair it with a Laundry Mac, a recycled plastic laundry basket and pegs for an extra eco-friendly laundry process.


How do I use this washing powder?

This washing powder is suitable for water temperatures from 30° – 90°C. Make sure you always follow instructions on the garment label!

Hand Wash: Ensure the powder is fully dissolved before immersing clothes. Always rinse garments thoroughly in clean water before drying.

Hand Care: After each hand wash, rinse your hands thoroughly in clean water and dry. People with damaged skin should pay particular attention to this instruction and avoid prolonged contact with the washing solution or wear protective gloves.

Fabric Care: Always test for fastness and wash non-fast coloureds and whites separately. For stubborn stains or extra whitening, use it in conjunction with our Ecover laundry bleach.


9 reviews for Bio-D Concentrated Washing Powder 1KG

  1. Elaine Currie

    This product is the best - great for eczema skin

    Best washing powder for eczema suffered. Don’t waste your money buying anything else but this. It is a godsend

  2. Federica

    great product

    Excellent product, great for cloth nappies, gets everything nice and clean. Great for the environment.

  3. Susan

    Great stuff - washing very clean and fresh

    This is fantastic stuff – gets the laundry very very clean and leaves them smelling fresh.

  4. Helen Smith

    Top quality eco cleaner

    Love this product. Lasted ages and cleans clothes really well.

  5. Ben Cowell

    it works well

    Purchased this by mistake as I required dishwasher detergent (which I later got). I’d have given it 5 stars as I’ve used it a few time now in the machine. The only downside is the packaging which is cellulose e.g. paper so you need to decant it.

  6. Emi

    Great product

    great option for a bio-washing powder. It cleans up the clothes and it has no strong scent. Will definitely buy again!

  7. Jo


    Love this for washing my clothes with, lasts a long time. Doesn’t really smell of anything but I use fabric softener with it to give it a nice smell.

  8. SWMBO

    Great product

    This is really effective and does not have much of a fragrance. It washes everything perfectly, even in this hard water area. I’m converted.

  9. Ragdoll Radio

    Top product.

    Love this product – stops my skin itching after using the chemical varieties. Clothes seem to last longer too and dry with a more natural look. I use it all the time. Highly recommended. Lasts a long time too. Something traditional about it I like too.

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