Bird Box with Nest Wool


This nest box is a multi-purpose one for a range of bird species. It comes with a bag of wool for the birds to peck at and line their nests. We find in the spring they love the wool garden felt we put out and make a bit of a mess of it to be honest so this way they get wool they’re allowed to have.

The bird box is made of solid FSC approved sustainable timber, and the Herdwick wool is wrapped in jute mesh so there isn’t a speck of plastic in the kit. PFP approved!

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It’s a sad fact that birds are declining in number in the UK, even species that we consider to be relatively common. There are many reasons for this but one of them is a reduction in suitable breeding sites. They’re pretty clever at finding secret out of the way places but these are becoming scarcer. As a nation we’re very generous with our bird food, and we love seeing them in the garden, but they need the right places to nest. You can make all the difference to your local bird population by putting up a range of nest boxes.

This bird nest box is a versatile “multi-nester” design, suitable for a range of bird species. It has a 30mm diameter opening that makes it suitable for most tit species, sparrows, nuthatches, redstarts and flycatchers. To make it even more versatile the top panel can be removed to convert it into an open-fronted nest box making it suitable for robins, blackbirds, wrens, and wagtails.

Having a removable panel also means the box can easily be cleaned out after the birds have finished nesting.

If you’ve ever seen a bird’s nest you will know that they are beautiful structures with the body of the nest carefully woven together then lined with soft materials like moss, feathers and wool. Providing a bag of wool gives them a ready supply of nest lining material. Put the wool into a wire mesh bird feeder or the birds to peck bits out and line their nests with.

The nest box is made of plain unfinished and untreated sustainably grown European Redwood.  These are high quality boxes made in a UK workshop. Place the box in an out of the way location where it won’t be disturbed by people or predators (especially cats!).

We sell refill packs of wool if this one runs out.