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Bobby’s Bug Box for Kids

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Bobby’s Bug Box for Kids


Bobby’s Bug Box is an interactive habitat for garden bugs and pollinators, specifically designed to get children interested in wildlife and the environment.

Hang the box in your garden, on your balcony or at their school and see who comes to stay! With a magnifying glass & activity book all about insects included, it makes an ideal present for budding conservationists!

Please note: this kit is not suitable for children under 3 years due to its small parts.

Dimensions: 100 x 160 x 70 mm

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How does this bug box for kids work?

This bug box for kids is an interactive, functioning habitat for garden insects that is designed to attract these beneficial creatures to the garden for education, to study or simply for the benefits of plant pollination!

The FSC timber box has canes and drilled holes to provide homes for different garden bugs and pollinators. It provides a cosy place for insects during winter and a safe haven all year round.

You simply just need to hang the bug box somewhere in your garden or on your balcony and see who comes to stay! Get your children to use the magnifying glass and activity book to identify the bugs. We promise it’ll start getting them excited about wildlife and help them to start understanding the importance of conservation.


What sort of insects will this bug box for kids attract?

With the canes and drilled holes, this bug box for kids particularly attracts ladybirds and bees.

Ladybirds are a gardener’s friend because they eat sap-sucking insects like aphids and scale insects. The more ladybirds in your garden, the easier it is to manage certain types of pests. They are the best kind of natural pest control. Ladybirds also supplement their diet with nectar. Although not the main part of their diet, as they snack on it and the side effect of that is that they will help to pollinate your plants.

Bees are fantastic garden pollinators and unlike ladybirds, this is their main role. They visit flowers to collect nectar and pollen for food. By moving from flower to flower, they act as vital pollinators to garden and wildflowers. We have some brilliant bee bomb wildflower seed balls which also help to attract bees. Why not get the kids involved and plant these in your local environment to help your local bee population even more? You can find out more about bee conservation and how you can support it here.


How else can I get my kids passionate about the environment?

This bug box for kids is a great place to start getting your children inquisitive about the environment and wildlife. You’ll have a budding conservationist in no time!

To keep them interested, the best way is to get them involved and get them outside into the environment. That can be just in your garden or if you live nearby woodlands, nature reserves or countryside, get them out into it to explore! It may sound a bit ‘Enid Blyton’ but it really is the best way to get children to fall in love with the environment and more importantly, realise how important it is to protect. Let them be inquisitive, make mud pies, look at insects, plant seeds, watch birds and discover the beauty and benefits of it all.

We’ve got a couple of other products to help get them involved including our wildflower seed mat which is great for getting them to grow seeds from scratch and our seed bomb kits which are messy, fun and great for guerrilla planting!


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