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British Woodland Den Kit

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British Woodland Den Kit


Everything you need to build a den outside!

These are a great way to get our children (and adults) involved in nature play.

The kit provides everything you need to create a natural playground. Packed into a cotton haversack bag, small enough for children to comfortably carry.

This offers every child an outdoor play experience whatever the weather, this British Woodland Den Kit was lovingly designed to develop creative imaginations.

This kit contains a cotton haversack bag, camouflage tarpaulin, green groundsheet, hand-turned wooden mallet, steel tent pegs in a cotton bag, ideas sheet, wooden-handled children’s trowel, natural jute rope, hazel marker stick, tree identification chart, plant a tree guide, and a seed collecting sack!

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Can you tell me a bit more about each of the British Woodland Den Kit products?

This den kit comes in a hefty haversack made from cotton webbing. It has a useful shoulder strap for easy carrying and two straps on the front to keep it closed securely. Plus, once you’re back from your adventure, be it out in the woodlands or from a den in your own back garden, the haversack is machine washable, so you can just chuck it in the wash before your next great adventure.

Inside the haversack is:

  • A tough woodland-camouflage tarpaulin – measuring approximately 2.4 x 1.8m. It will make a perfect roof for a cosy den. It’s waterproof, rot resistant, and invisible to the untrained eye!
  • A groundsheet – durable, waterproof and rot resistant – this groundsheet will do it’s very best to keep your den clean and dry from the ground up! It measures approximately 1.8 x 1.2m, and even has eyelets, so it can be used as another tarpaulin if you choose.
  • Wooden mallet – what can only be described as one of the most unique wooden mallets you will have ever seen; readapted from coppiced wood, complete with the bark. It’s thick, strong, and using it will truly make you feel like you’re one with the outdoors. Made in Shropshire, UK.
  • Peg bag and pegs – securely fasten down your den with these 8 steel tent pegs. Or, if you really want some adventure, try and find some strong sticks to use instead! When you’re not using your pegs you can keep them safe in the useful, drawstring, cotton tent peg bag.
  • Jute rope – 10m of  robust, natural jute rope. Use this to tie to two uprights, such as trees or fence posts, and pull tight before throwing over your camouflage tarpaulin. If you can’t find the perfect site for your den, find a forked stick and anchor it with the rope and a tent peg. You can find some more helpful tips and den inspiration on the handy guide also included in this kit!
  • A trowel – a beautifully crafted trowel made from ash wood, with a stainless steel head. It is proportionally smaller than the average adults trowel – perfect for getting those little ones involved! The handle has even been shaped for a comfortable grip.
  • Tree identification guide – a delightfully illustrated guide for common trees. Use it out on your adventure to discover and learn about the trees you’re surrounded by. It’s even been laminated so you can easily wipe off any dirt you discover when you’re out in the wild. This guide was designed by the Field Studies Council.
  • Jute bag – a natural, reusable, jute drawstring bag to keep a collection of seeds.
  • Hazel marker – a handmade hazel marker to use so you can easily find where you planted your precious seed!
  • Grow your own tree guide – a useful and easy-to-follow guide on how to grow your own tree, with some extra tips on how to care for the seed before it can grow big and strong.

Who would this be appropriate for?

This British Woodland Den Kit is perfect for children aged 6 and over. Travel with it to the British countryside, or adventure out into the depths of your own back garden. The fun starts when you’re searching the wild for your camp site. All you need is some fairly flat ground, and a couple of uprights (like trees, or even your washing line!), and you’re good to go. But make sure you don’t choose somewhere with a dip in the ground, or you might get wet if it rains! Make sure you check out the den inspiration guide for some ideas on how to pitch your tent, and to learn about some useful knots to tie your jute rope with.

After all the fun with your den and tree planting, take care of the environment and wildlife by packing everything back into your den kit, and taking home any litter.

Why is it important to get children to play outdoors?

Here at Chimney Sheep, we see the value in outdoor play! Being outdoors is great for our mental and physical growth, education, and understanding of the world and our place in it. We want to make playing outside fun and interesting by doing something a little different. Whether your child is arty, sporty, into bugs, or flowers, our range of kits will provide an activity for all interests. Providing children with all they need to play and learn, leaving an enduring connection with nature and all it holds!

Research founded by The Wildlife Trust found children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature. Children have reported their experience outside made them more confident and capable of doing new things when they tried, learned something new, and formed better relationships with classmates, More benefits of outdoor play can be found here.

Need more ideas on how to keep kids busy in the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.


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