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Bug Spotting Kit

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Bug Spotting Kit


This compact Bug Spotter Kit contains a small, clear, bug pot with magnifying lid, allowing for a close up inspection of the bugs you find. With 9 beautifully illustrated bug information cards and a Bug Spotter’s Guide also included, you’ll be able to learn all about bugs and the fascinating role they play in our ecosystem.

Coming in a reusable, mini hessian bag, you can take this kit on any adventure out, or simply enjoy the fun, educational experience from the comfort of your own garden.

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Can you tell me a bit more about the Bug Spotting Kit?

This Bug Spotting Kit comes in a handy, mini hessian bag. Inside you will find:

  • Bug pot – gently pick up your bug and carefully place it into the pot. Make sure that it’s far away from the magnifying lid before you secure it back on top. Take a look through the lid and try to identify what kind you’ve found.
  • Bug cards – a set of 9 cards, with colourful illustrations to help you to identify bugs, such as ladybirds or ants, that you might’ve found in and around your garden. Each card has some useful information on the back, so you can learn a bit more about your bug.
  • Bug spotting guide – a small guide crammed with tips and interesting information about different kinds of bugs and why they are how they are.

Who would this be appropriate for?

This Bug Spotting Kit would be ideal for curious kids aged 6+, who love getting up close and personal with nature’s little bugs. Using the magnifying lid to see every minute detail of their collected bugs, they will quickly become a bug spotting professional.

Do not leave the bug pot or pot lid in direct sunlight. Do not look directly at the sun. And make sure to let the bugs go back where you found them when you’ve had a good look!

Why is it important to get children to play outdoors?

Here at Chimney Sheep, we see the value in nature play! Being outdoors is great for our mental and physical growth, education, and understanding of the world and our place in it. We want to make playing outside fun and interesting by doing something a little different.  Our range of kits will provide an activity for all interests. Whether your child is arty or sporty, into bugs or flowers, we’ll have a kit for them. Providing children with all they need to play and learn, leaving an enduring connection with nature and all it holds!

Research founded by The Wildlife Trust found children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature. Children have reported their experience outside made them more confident and capable of doing new things when they tried, learned something new, and formed better relationships with classmates. More benefits of outdoor play can be found here.

Need more ideas on how to keep kids busy in the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.


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