Swirly Green Leaves Door Draught Excluder


This is a gorgeous high quality door draught excluder with Italian made fabric cover. They are soothing sweeps of green fronds in different natural green shades on a cream background. 


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After settling into your cosy living room, switching on the TV and preparing to sip a freshly made cup of tea – there is nothing worse than feeling a draught sneak its way under the door.

In older houses, door draughts are an ongoing issue. Even in a new home, you might have removed a carpet to reveal a wooden floor but there is now a gap between the door and the floor. This is where Chimney Sheep’s door draught excluder comes into its own.

Filled with felted wool off-cuts from our range of chimney draught excluders, the 100cm x 30cm door draught excluder cushions are not only larger than standard door draught stoppers, they are also more robust. The weighted design allows the cushions to stay firmly in place, making them a highly practical and essential door draught seal as well as a fashionable accessory to have in your home. What’s more? Not only will Chimney Sheep’s elegant looking door draught excluders banish the cold from beneath your doors, they can also be used on window sills to stop cold draughts.

Investing in a Chimney Sheep draught stopper has been compared to sand-bagging your door against the cold – and we think that this is the perfect way to describe it!

Can I wash my door draught excluder?

Yes. The range of high quality door draught excluders have removable covers that can be  detached and dry-cleaned. They are a pillow slip style design so there are no zips or buttons to worry about.

Door draught excluder designs

Chimney Sheep’s draught excluder for doors is available in a variety of patterns, all reflecting different surroundings and cultures. The thick felted wool, however, is always sourced from the Herdwick sheep that we see everyday on the Lake District fells. With a sentiment as warm as its function, the beautiful draught excluders act as a charming welcome to any guest.