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G3 Cabbage White, Caterpillar and Aphid Deterrent

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G3 Cabbage White, Caterpillar and Aphid Deterrent

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Most gardeners need a Cabbage White Butterfly, Caterpillar or Aphid Deterrent at some point. The Grazers G3 formula is a safe way to stop these hungry creatures without harming them or the environment.

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Grazers G3 is a great Cabbage White Butterfly, Caterpillar and Aphid Deterrent. It will stop these pesky creatures from eating your plants, without harming them. They just don’t like the taste.

How do I spot the signs of damage?

It’s easy to tell that your plants, particularly cabbages and other brassicas, have been attacked by these creatures as their leaves will be full of holes. If left unchecked, they will eat the whole plants.

Aphids also damage plants causing flowers and fruit to become distorted or deformed. Some species cause galls, or growths, to form on roots or leaves. They may transmit viruses between plants and often excrete a sticky substance on which sooty moulds can grow.

How can I stop this?

Grazers G3 Cabbage White, Caterpillar and Aphid Deterrent is simple to apply using a spray to ensure even coverage. It lasts for six weeks and is harmless to people, animals and the environment. It’s safe to eat salad crops, fruit and vegetables that have been sprayed with Grazers G3, but we recommend waiting a week before so doing as the solution can have a slight effect on the taste.

How does Grazers G3 work?

It makes the plants unpalatable to cabbage white butterflies, caterpillar and aphids. This means they’re less likely to attack the foliage. It also strengthens the plant and stimulates growth, so it helps the plant to look after itself.

Why is it better than chemical pest control products?

It’s a natural product that is harmless to people and wildlife.

Is there anything else I can do to tackle this problem?

Grazers G3 doesn’t kill the pests so it’s a good idea to improve biodiversity in the garden to encourage their natural predators.

Some birds eat the cabbage white butterfly larvae so it’s worth providing feeders and nest boxes. It’s also helpful to plant lots of flowers and blooming herbs around your cabbage patch to provide a strong supply of nectar for beneficial insects

We sell boxes for bats, bugs and birds, as well as wildflower seeds. Have a look here.

For more information about cabbage white butterflies and caterpillars try this useful BBC link or learn more about aphids from the RHS.

Can I buy any other natural pest control products?

Yes. We stock natural moth repellents and repellents that are effective against other insects that are harmful to health, as well as sprays to deter other garden pests.

13 reviews for G3 Cabbage White, Caterpillar and Aphid Deterrent

  1. Mike

    Greedy catapillars

    I used to kill tiny catapillar on my cabbage plants. They attack the back of the leaves,so make sure to spray the under side of the leaves as well.only downside is spray bottle is a little on small side,so doesn’t cover many plants. Good thing,it did work.

  2. Louise Nicholson


    Worked a treat for me. I
    Absolutely soaked them as advised in other reviews and it got rid of all the munchers

  3. TF barker

    easy to use

    Easy to use but for me too easy I sprayed the foliage but the butterflies just kept on coming then I had lots of caterpillars that eat the leaves so to me a waste of money will not try this again

  4. shelly


    Brilliant product! My garden was invaded by caterpillars, killing off most of my garden hedges. After the first time using it, there was barely any left, and after the second use, my garden was completely free from caterpillars! Highly recommend this product!

  5. Kindle Customer

    Veg & plants blooming

    Seems to work veg doing really well like the fact it’s organic so no nasty on my plants.

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