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Clothes Prop for Laundry Mac™

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  • Clothes Prop supporting a line of laundry
  • A woman wearing a yellow raincoat hangs laundry on a rotary dryer then covers it with a green Laundry Mac which protects the laundry from the rain
  • Laundry Mac is hung over laundry to protect it from rain showers and let it dry outside
  • Laundry Mac laundry cover protects laundry from rain showers

Clothes Prop for Laundry Mac™

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The Clothes Prop supports your Laundry Mac™ in the middle to make it umbrella-shaped so all the water runs off.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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The Clothes Prop is to support your Laundry Mac™ in the centre and enable all the water to run off.

The Laundry Mac™ is a simple-but-clever product that enables you to hang your laundry outside even if it looks like rain. Even if it is raining at the time. You can avoid having damp clothes around the home, save on tumble dryer bills and have that flapped-outside-on-the-line smell that you don’t get by hanging it indoors. It needs propping in the centre so the water runs off it like an umbrella, rather than puddling in the middle like a canopy in the rain. We don’t sell it with the Laundry Mac™ because we don’t like selling you stuff you don’t need, and because it’s a big thing to post for quite a cheap item to buy. Some rotary dryers (otherwise known as whirligigs!) already have a raised section in the centre which makes it even easier.

How does a Clothes Prop work with a Laundry Mac™?

1/ Hang out all your laundry on the rotary dryer. Hang longer things like trousers nearer the central pole, so they will be more sheltered from driving rain.

2/ Flip the Laundry Mac™ over the laundry.

3/ Loop one of the bands over one of the arms, then go round and loop the other bands on the other arms.

4/ Prop the Laundry Mac™ in the centre so that the bungies are stretched enough to hold themselves in place and the clothes prop creates an umbrella effect over the laundry.

5/ Leave it hanging and don’t worry if it looks like rain. Don’t worry if it looks like sun, either, it will carry on drying come rain or shine, and will even prevent your laundry from fading in the bright sun.

6/ When your laundry is good and dry you can do all the above in reverse. It’s so easy I’ve even seen lazy teenagers using it.



1 review for Clothes Prop for Laundry Mac™

  1. Bonnie

    Good idea

    This is a good idea, although I don’t think the instructions were included.

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