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Coir Striped Doormat

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Coir Striped Doormat


Brighten up your doorway with our  coir striped doormat. Eco-friendly and great quality, this doormat will ensure that no one will get through your doors with muddy feet keeping your floors lovely and clean! The mat is highly absorbent thanks to the coir pile and is ideal for use in doorways, conservatories and porches.

Dimensions: 70cm x 40cm

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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What is coir?

Coir (pronounced COY-er) is from a coconut and is the material used in our coir doormat. It is a natural, fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. You can get both brown and white coir which are suited for different uses. Brown coir, which is what this doormat is made of, is great for upholstery padding and sacking, whilst the white coir which is harvested from unripe coconuts can be used to make finer brushes, string, rope and fishing nets.

Coir is very rot-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor products and why it is perfectly suited for use in our doormat. It is also becoming increasingly popular as a potting mix and organic soil amendment. We use it and we love it because it holds water really well and contains nutrients like potassium, zinc, manganese, iron and copper. We sell it in blocks of 750g and 5kg blocks which you can rehydrate and add to your garden!


Do you have any other eco-friendly household products?

Oh, we’ve got lots and we will be adding more! Head to our Eco Laundry and House and Home Eco Product categories for all sorts of eco-friendly household tools – from goods made of 100% recycled materials to our Laundry Mac to sustainable baking products, we’ve got you covered.


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