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Concentrated moisturizer for gardeners in handy egg-shaped tin

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Concentrated moisturizer for gardeners in handy egg-shaped tin


This is a gorgeous smelling highly concentrated moisturiser, for the gardener in your life or a treat for yourself.

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This concentrated moisturizer is perfect for gardeners’ chapped and dried hands. I find after a session potting on plants my hands are incredibly dry, and although I start off with the best of intentions using gardening gloves, somehow the muck gets in or the gloves come off to poke a root in or something and voila: dry skin again. It has high levels of beeswax in it making it a solid moisturizer, easily absorbed, long lasting, less messy and more quickly absorbed into the skin.

It is entirely made of yummy good organic things, and smells gorgeous. You could buy it for the gardener in your life but you’d best get two because you will want to keep one to yourself.

The concentrated moisturiser is purely natural. The olive contains vitamin E, essential for skin repair, and the properties of the beeswax and essential oils give it longevity meaning it doesn’t need any artificial vitamins, emulsifiers or preservatives adding in. Skin acts as a direct way of absorbing chemicals into your bloodstream. So if you’re putting anything on your skin you want to be sure it’s beneficial. If you’re gardening without chemicals then you want to moisturise without them too!

The concentrated moisturiser contains extra virgin olive oil, yellow beeswax, organic essential oils: Olea Europaea Oil, Cera Flava, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Lindalool, Limonene, Geraniol (raw materials certified organic)  Limonene, Geraniol

To apply, simply slide the egg between clean, slightly damp hands and rub them together. You can also apply it to other needy parts of the body such as feet, elbows or knees. The active ingredients are released by body heat to bind the residual moisture and care like a regular skin cream.

The concentrated moisturiser is made by Stapeler, a German company that specialises in organic regional products. The composition is comparable to the original  skin cream. The firmer consistency is due to a higher proportion of pure beeswax. This makes it ideal for travel as it is much more concentrated, contains less water and is long-lasting.



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