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Eco Chic Recycled Plastic Lunch Bag

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Eco Chic Recycled Plastic Lunch Bag


This lunch bag made from recycled plastic is perfect for taking to the office, as a school lunch bag or as a mini picnic bag. Bright green and covered in sheep (what else would you expect from us?), it is lightweight, durable and water-resistant and has a fully insulated main compartment that keeps food cool and fresh. The best thing? The fabric is made from one recycled plastic bottle! Practical and eco-friendly!


Compact: (H) 175mm x (W) 300mm x (D) 25mm

Expanded: (H) 175mm x (W) 300mm x (D) 135mm

Holding capacity of 5kg

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What can I use this recycled plastic lunch bag for?

We love this recycled plastic lunch bag! Lightweight, durable and water-resistant, this useful lunch bag has a fully insulated main compartment for keeping food cool and fresh for a few hours. It is great to use as an office lunch bag or a school lunch bag. Although it may seem small, when we used it, we were surprised how much we could fit in. Someone in the office quite rightly said ‘it’s like a tardis!’. Our recycled plastic tupperware fits inside perfectly as does a regular meal deal, so you’ll be able to store plenty of sustenance to get you through a day in the office.

Once the bag is empty, it folds away neatly for easy storage and transportation. Lovely!


Why is this better for the environment than another version?

The outer fabric used to create this recycled plastic lunch bag is made from the plastic of one recycled bottle, also known as 100% rPET material (or if you really want its full name, recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Most lunch bags will be made of virgin plastics.

By using recycled plastics, it means that no new plastic has been created to make this bag. We are all pretty well versed on why the creation of new plastic is bad – most plastic is made from chemicals that come from the production of fossil fuels and once it has been used, then disposed of, it sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins.

However, plastic is a useful material in lots of contexts due to its versatility and durability. Sometimes, non-plastic alternatives just don’t do the trick. So instead of saying a big fat no to ALL plastics, we should instead be choosing to buy items made of recycled plastic rather than supporting the creation of new plastics. Besides, we all recycle most of our plastics now, so what is the point in doing that if we don’t buy items made of recycled plastic? If we don’t, there won’t be enough of a demand for all the recycled plastic, and it will just end up in landfill! Less than ideal!

Choosing a lunch bag like this, made of recycled plastic, versus a regular one is an easy, environmentally friendly switch to make and will give you exactly the same quality and function (trust us, we’ve used this one ourselves!) We have a whole range of everyday items made of recycled materials. Why not have a look for yourself and see what easy switches you can?


How do I make sure this recycled plastic lunch bag lasts?

This recycled plastic lunch bag should last you a fair while! To ensure that it does, you’ll need to make sure you care for it correctly. To keep it clean inside after use, wipe it with something like one of our multipurpose cloths.

If the bag really needs a good clean, then they are safe to wash at low temperatures without damaging the fabric. Be mindful, as this is a plastic-based fabric, washing it at higher temperatures can release microfibres into the water. To minimise this, we recommend hand washing it if possible. If you wanted to machine wash it, only do so at 30°C or lower and use an eco-friendly detergent such as our Bio-D washing powder. Whatever you do, don’t tumble dry it!


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