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EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs

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EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs

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Hanging washing to dry outside is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and save money. Each tumble drier load can release up t 2.6kg in CO2. Hanging laundry around the house releases around 2 litres of water into the atmosphere. Take it outside!

EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs are made from 93% recycled plastic from a mixture of pre and post consumer waste. This saves oil, energy and product miles used in manufacturing virgin plastic. Making products from recycled plastic uses 70% less energy than making virgin plastic.

FREE delivery on all UK orders over £25!

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We all know how important it is to recycle plastic. Well it’s worth listing the reasons, sorry if I sound like I’m preaching.

Why is it important to recycle plastic?

  •  to reduce the volume of plastic waste that goes into landfill
  • to reduce the amount of plastic that gets blown into the ocean en route to landfill sites
  • to reduce plastic pollution
  • to conserve resources
  •  to reduce the amount of energy used producing items from virgin plastic

However, it’s only any good recycling plastic if we buy products made of recycled plastic. It’s called “closing the loop” – the loop being the three arrows on the recycling logo:

recycling symbol in Chimney Sheep green
Recycling logo in Chimney Sheep green

We can keep dutifully sorting and sending our plastics to be recycled but unless we buy products made of recycled plastic it will soon pile up into more unwanted waste, or get burned. Some argue that burning plastic is an efficient way of retrieving the energy from it, but even the most efficient incineration plants and scrubbers can’t remove all the toxins that are released into the atmosphere as a consequence of burning. So it’s important to buy products made of recycled plastic, as well as ensuring all our waste plastic is recycled.

Anyway enough of that, you just wanted to know about the pegs, right?

These EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs are excellent pegs in their own right. They have a “hurricane force grip” – though it’s not advised to test this by putting your laundry out in a hurricane. We are advocates of hanging laundry outdoors but there are some conditions where it’s better to have it inside! They don’t have any metal components so there are no springs to break or leak rust stains over your laundry. They are frost proof and UV stable. All qualities you need to look for in a clothes peg. And they are pink and blue. The ones in the photo are green and yellow, as I’ve been using these pegs for years and this is the colour they used to be. Now the ones we’ve been sent to sell you are pink and blue which are just as cheerful looking.

To summarise, these EcoForce Hurricane Force Grip recycled plastic clothes pegs are:

  • 93% recycled plastic
  • 100% metal free
  • 100% more grip than a stnadard peg
  • 100% washable in dishwasher or washing machine
  • 100% recyclable

They are the perfect companion for your Laundry Mac for hanging your laundry outside to flap cheerily in the breeze!

18 reviews for EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs

  1. Greg Thatcher

    Excellent Pegs

    We bought these to replace similar ones we already had. They keep a very strong grip and with the benefit of being plastic, no rust or wood stains left on the laundry.

  2. Lizzie

    Best pegs

    Have been looking for these pegs to replace my ancient ones for ages. Have bought lots of different ones which range from useless to ok and some have been expensive. So glad to have found these .

  3. Amanda Wilkinson

    Good value and strong.

    I have bought these pegs again last ones only got a few left which i bought 30 yrs ago, there the next only strongest plastic peg ive ever used, 2 different line slots to keep a tight hold on yr washing, very strong and nice colours, showed them next to a pen to give you an idea of the size, other picture with the green pegs i bought 30 yrs ago, if these ones last as long as the last ones these will last till i die now , proper value for money, highly recommend them.

    EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs
    EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs
    EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs
  4. MOFF


    Really firm grip. The jaws are shaped for both thin items and also heavy items on the line. Should last for ages

    And of course recycled plastic. Really glad I bought them

  5. almor

    Perfect pegs for windy areas

    These pegs are the only ones that will hold my washing on the line …….. as I live in a very exposed area . They are very good but the abuse from the wind takes its toll so they do not last terribly long and become a bit stretched so that they do not hold thinner material but having said that , well worth buying and I will recommend and buy again .


    The best pegs ever

    I have been using these pegs for 3 years. Where we live we have gale force winds frequently and these pegs are what they say ‘hurricane force grip’. I would strongly recommend these pegs.

  7. TiDi


    These really are good pegs. I have a large covered area to the side of my house so I can put my washing out even if it’s raining. Often it is very windy and the washing remains securely on the line. There are two places the peg can be ‘pinched’ onto the line depending on the thickness of the garment. Whilst I love the look of the old wooden ones these are far kinder to the washing and no staining from rusty hinged bits.

  8. Kelly

    Hold great on my thin line

    Super pegs, I have bought x4 bags now

    EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs
    EcoForce recycled plastic clothes pegs
  9. Mrs AB

    Great pegs try them out

    I am really happy with these pegs l tried them out on a double douvet cover on my washing line and they stayed where l put them no concertiering of fabric therefore less ironing for me .

  10. Irina P

    Overall good

    I’ve been using these for some months now, and overall I am pleased with my purchase. Some of them though started to lose their grip and I had to throw away some (maybe 3-4). Wind tested (super wind I would say) and they behaved honourably. Overall, better that any other I have had before.

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