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Ecover Eco-Friendly Laundry Bleach

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Ecover Eco-Friendly Laundry Bleach

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Add a little Ecover eco-friendly laundry bleach with the detergent in your washing machine or dilute in water to soak stained laundry. You can also use it as a general cleaning product around the home, without the toxic whiff of chlorine permeating everywhere!

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Ecover eco-friendly laundry bleach is a natural alternative to chlorine bleach. It contains 30%: Oxygen-based bleaching agent and sodium bicarbonate. You can dilute it in water to treat stains or you can add it to (eco-friendly!) detergent in the dispenser of the washing machine to brighten whites. You can also use it as a general bleach around the home.

Product features of Ecover Eco-friendly laundry bleach

  • It’s a natural alternative to chlorine bleach
  • It gives a powerful clean to keep whites bright and white
  •  It has never been tested on animals
  • It is B-Corp certified
  • the packaging is made from fully recycled cardboard

What is wrong with using chlorine bleach?

Chlorine bleach is damaging to you and your family’s health, and damaging to the environment. Bleach fumes when inhaled can cause respiratory problems and have been associated with causing asthma and other lung diseases. Chlorine bleach accumulates in the water system and can remain active for many years, to the detriment of aquatic life. Bleach can also react with other chemicals in the water to produce dioxins.


Do you offer any other Eco-friendly laundry products ?

Yes!! We offer a great range of Eco-Friendly products especially for your laundry. We have everything ranging from outdoor laundry covers – so you can still dry your washing outside on rainy days (saving energy and money), to recycled clothes pegs, and 100% natural laundry liquid and conditioner.

All our products are chosen for their natural content, and / or their energy saving abilities – so you can have a smaller impact on the planet while doing your washing.



20 reviews for Ecover Eco-Friendly Laundry Bleach

  1. Elizabeth Williams

    Perfect whites

    I have used this product for many years with my weekly white wash as it’s both environmentally friendly and very effective. Store in an airtight container. If it sticks in the w/machine tray, just scrape it down whilst machine still filling with water. (One supermarket generally sells it, but it’s not always available).


    As good as traditional bleach

    I have used this on white clothes and for cleaning the toilet. Worked well on removing staining on both. Grubby necks on clothes did need a bit more work but very happy with the results for a product that is better for the environment. Only negative is the box is quite flimsy, definitely would not withstand getting wet at all.

  3. B

    Brilliant Ecover

    Had 4 king size white sheets that I was going to throw away due to looking off white. Gave them 2 washes with Ecover Laundry Bleach and they are a lovely white again. Very pleased and it has saved me buying 4 new sheets! Well done Ecover for your cruelty free range.

  4. Laila


    I’m totally up for environmentally friendly products. Luckily, this is a good value for money product. I think it works quite well for mild stains, I am still to put this to test to see what it can do about stubborns stains tho.

  5. Kellie


    Easy to use but didn’t notice a big difference to my whites. Worth trying for the price, not sure if I’ll get it again as need something stronger.

  6. Lisa

    White and stain free

    Keeps my childrens white school uniform bright and stain free. I got asked by the head teacher how many times a year do I rebuy t-shirts as my childrens always look like new. They are still the same ones from last year.

  7. Dr M Hannon-Fletcher

    Fantastic product

    I am addicted to this, tried to wash whites without it, but they started to look a bit grubby. Ordered again, I’m happy, does the job without being too harsh.

  8. Alex


    Make sure you add this to the drum and not in the tray.
    I did notice that in the tray it does get a little crusted.

  9. Victoria Taylor

    Good product

    For a plant based product its good on stains

  10. Beth Wainwright


    This product is a miracle. Soaked a white stuffed animal in hot water with a scoop of this stuff – the toy went from grey and yellow to a bright, brilliant white in SECONDS. It doesn’t have a potent smell either.

  11. K

    Good natural alternative to bleach

    Normal bleach gives me headaches so I avoid it at all costs, so I was very pleased to find this from ecover. It’s obviously not as harsh as normal bleach would be so don’t expect things to come out dazzlingly white, but it does work andI’m very pleased with how my white sheets came out after using this.

  12. Jo


    Initially bought hoping it would restore colour run items, but it doesn’t. It helps a little keeping whites white though

  13. amanda hutchings

    Brilliant stain removal

    Got rid of the stains quickly and easily with no scrubbing

  14. Kylie Sentance

    Great to add a boost to your washing

    Bought this to help keep whites white and give the washing an extra boost to kill off germs. I use it on both coloured washes and white washes, I love it. My clothes come out feeling so much cleaner and my whites are staying white. For an extra boost mainly on white socks I soak them in a stronger mixture of this laundry bleach before washing. This is my second time purchasing this item.

  15. Mr & Mrs G

    Works wonders

    I bought this mainly for washing baby cloths. Works wonders and removes any stain, baby poo, or grease, or any other type of stain, without removing the original colour of the cloths!
    Notice the product doesn’t dissolve quickly in water, so you need to pour the product in water and wait patiently a while for it to dissolve properly. Otherwise it will lead to uneven concentration and may ruin the cloths.
    To have best result I soak the stained part of cloth with the products’ solution, and leave overnight, before throwing it into washing.

  16. Andrew Baines


    This worked OK on our white bed sheets, but we put a slightly off white top in with the wash and it ruined it! It has gone an luminous yellow colour under the arms for some reason.

  17. Daughter of Jesus Christ

    Ecover Bleach

    I bought this as a substitute for normal household bleach, however it should only be used on clothes. I tried it on a discoloured flannel ( poured in a few tablespoons with very hot water and left in bucket overnight) bleached it nearly white, would have been 100% if I’d left it in longer.
    I also used it with hot boiling water to remove tannin from inside stained mugs and put in my stained teaspoons at the same time, the powder fizzed away for a few minutes, and 5 mins later, after I’d poured the mugful of water away and rinsed the mug and teaspoons , the mug was white again and teaspoons sparkling.
    Also, you could pour some in hot water and use overnight to clean toilet stains. Worth every penny.

  18. Elle

    Five Stars

    This is an excellent product for giving whites a lift. My towels benefit greatly. I am a satisfied customer.

  19. Meggie


    Use this for white cotton sheets, brings them up bright and clean! Easy to use as just add in with washing powder.

  20. Squidge


    Always have good results when using this bleach, as it is environmentally friendly I don’t feel guilty when using the product.

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