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Enamel Billycan – Classic Set

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Enamel Billycan – Classic Set


This vintage-looking, enamel Billycan from our Classic Set is the ultimate luxe outdoor tea set, perfect for a morning pick-me-up. Traditionally used by farmers and railway workers, this retro-looking enamel Billycan is back in vogue. But it’s not just aesthetics this Billycan brings to the table – it is practical too! Made from porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, these flasks with blue rims are ultra-durable and perfect for any outdoor adventure. This brilliant set can be used on fires or portable electric stoves, providing you with hot tea or coffee in the mountains, on the beach or camping.

This timeless, durable Billycan is an eco-conscious choice. Why? It is incredibly long lasting (we are talking 10 years +), plastic free and when it is eventually time to replace it, the unit can be recycled.  

This enamel Billycan is dishwasher safe.  

Each Billycan holds 900ml. It stands at approximately 20cm high on an 11cm base, with a teacup that works as a lid.

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Why are enamel Billycans useful as outdoor tableware? 

This classic enamel Billycan is a retro flask, ideal for serving up drinks on the go whether that’s in the garden, on the beach, or at a campsite cookout. Minimal in design yet long-lasting, enamelware has had a renaissance in recent years for the luxe-loving campers. And for good reason too! This vintage style Billycan is 100% fit for purpose. Made of porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel, it is strong, long-lasting and ideal for being transported from adventure to adventure. Whatever the setting, this white enamel Billycan with blue rim will ensure that you can enjoy a caffeine hit in style.  

As our retro billycans are made from steel, they can be recycled once they have come to the end of their long, long life (don’t worry, the enamel coating does not impact its ability to be turned into scrap metal). By recycling these enamelware Billycans, the steel will be repurposed into something else – most often, cans! The use of scrap steel saves up to 74% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin materials which is incredible and why we should all be trying to recycle as much as we can as well as use products made of recycled materials like our recycled range 

Enamel on steel is hard and strong but like all good ceramic materials, it may chip if handled roughly or dropped. If this happens, don’t panic. The enamel-coated flask are still perfectly safe to use as the steel will naturally oxidise. Plus, we think it adds a bit of vintage character anyway! We like to think of our enamelware as the Levi jeans or Chanel bags of the outdoor tableware world. Classic, reliable, long lasting and they just get better with age. We’ve got enamel mugs ourselves which are still going strong after 20 years! 


What contexts can I use this enamel Billycan in? 

These luxury outdoor enamel-coated tea cans are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of aesthetic extravagance to their outdoor adventure. These cans are a blast from the past, traditionally used by farmers and railway workers. Today, Billycans are ideal for serving up drinks on the go whether that’s in the garden, on the beach, or at a campsite cookout. Just brew, transport and then pour into the mug when you are ready to take a sip! The handle makes them perfect for transporting and the space saving design means it is suitable for lots of outdoor adventures.  

Chimney Sheep HQ is based just on the edge of the Lake District. That means we are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors rather a lot and we love it! Lots of our colleagues love walking, camping, picnicking, and exploring. They have tested these enamelware espresso cups when out and have given them a big thumbs up! We love using our Billycans for holding and making our tea and coffee, as well as a vessel for heating up soup, stews and the like whilst camping. The enamelware can be used for heating and serving so works perfectly! 


Have you got matching items to make enamel crockery sets and enamel tableware sets? 

Yes, we do! Our Classic Set is a full range of enamel dishware. To match this enamel Billycan, we have an enamel plate set, an enamel bowl set,  enamel mugs and espresso cups. You can mix and match all of these to create your ultimate luxury enamel dinner set for the outdoors. 


Why have you created enamel tableware when you already have recycled plastic tableware? 

Although we stock a fantastic range of recycled plastic outdoor tableware some people just don’t want to use plastic anymore due to concerns over where our plastic recycling goes. This, of course, is completely valid which is exactly why we have added our Classic Set of enamel tableware to our selection of outdoor tableware.  

All of our enamelware is much stronger than our recycled plastic alternatives which ensures that they last throughout all your camping and travel adventures for years and years. In the context of single use plates, enamel plates are a more sustainable alternative, reducing the use and disposal of many sets of paper and plastic dishes. Although a little more expensive upfront, just think about cost per use! 

Our enamel tea can from our Classic Set is also a bit weightier and feels a bit more ‘special’. There are some contexts when recycled plastic tableware just doesn’t fit the bill. Some people don’t really like the ‘taste’ of drinking hot drinks from plastic mugs, so these enamel Billycans are a great alternative.  

Sometimes plastic (recycled or not) isn’t the right material to use for certain things.  For example, cooking on gas stoves whilst camping can cause difficulties when using plastic camping gear. These enamelware Billycans can withstand temperatures of up to 270 degrees Celsius so are perfect to use when camping. Unlike the plastic alternatives, our enamel Billycans can be used for heating and serving (less washing up – hooray!). 


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