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Entomology Kit

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Entomology Kit


Investigate which insects live near you using the new Entomology Kit. Learn all about different types of insects and gather information about them and their habitats. Learn about just how important they are to our fragile ecosystem. Even though they’re tiny, they sure are irreplaceably hard workers! How many different types of insect can you find?

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What is Entomology?

Entomology is a very important branch of zoology – the branch concerned with the study of insects; their structure, and how they function. More importantly, it’s the study of the relationship between insects, food, biological diversity, humans, the natural environment, and more!

Can you tell me a bit more about each of the products in the Entomology Kit?

The Entomology Kit comes in a drawstring bag made from natural sisal hessian. It’s a good, easy to carry size for children and the perfect size to keep the kit safe. The kit includes:

  • Insect Aspirator, or “Pooter” – named after Frederick William Poos Jr, the two-tubes aspirator design was originally presented in a 1929 paper. This makes for an easy way to capture small insects by simply sucking them up. With two tubes placed on different sides of the tub, suck fast into one tube as if it were a drinking straw, while holding the other as close to the insect you want to capture as you can. It’s as easy as that, and allows you to have a more close up inspection of the insect without causing it any harm.
  • Bug pot – a small, clear pot, complete with magnifying glass lid. Handy for taking a more detailed inspection of insects. Make sure they’re well clear of the top before you put the lid on!
  • Paint brush – a wooden handled paint brush, included to be used to gently sweep insects into your bug pot.
  • Net – with the handle measuring approximately 25cm, this net will be useful in helping you collect insects from any hard-to-collect-from places, such as long grass or water.
  • Notebook – made using ecological cartridge paper, this handy notebook will be perfect for jotting down any useful information you find out about your insects – or maybe try your hand at some small drawings!
  • Entomologist Guide – a small guide on how to use your Entomology Kit, including; how to safely collect insects for observation, useful tips, and some interesting facts about insects!
  • Insect spotter cards – there are 9 illustrated insect cards, each one with interesting information on the back. Did you know, Bumblebees can carry up to 75% of their body weight in pollen and nectar? How cool is that?!

Who would this be appropriate for?

This kit would be appropriate for children aged 6 and over. What better way to learn about insects than by going on an exciting outdoor quest to find, safely collect and observe them. Take notes on what awesome insects you discover and make a collection of drawings to remember them by. Always make sure to return them back to their natural habitat when you’ve examined them though! They’re essential creatures in our ecosystem, and need to be protected.

Why is it important to get children to play outdoors?

Here at Chimney Sheep, we see the value in nature play! Being outdoors is great for our mental and physical growth, education, and understanding of the world and our place in it. We want to make playing outside fun and interesting by doing something a little different.  Our range of kits will provide an activity for all interests. Whether your child is arty or sporty, into bugs or flowers, we’ll have a kit for them. Providing children with all they need to play and learn, leaving an enduring connection with nature and all it holds!

Research founded by The Wildlife Trust found children’s well-being increased after they had spent time connecting with nature. Children have reported their experience outside made them more confident and capable of doing new things when they tried, learned something new, and formed better relationships with classmates. More benefits of outdoor play can be found here.

Need more ideas on how to keep kids busy in the holidays? Check out our blog full of outdoor summer fun suggestions.



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