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Escutcheon Keyhole Cover Gold Effect / Chrome

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Escutcheon Keyhole Cover Gold Effect / Chrome

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Prevent annoying little draughts through the keyhole with an easy-to-fit escutcheon keyhole cover. Please say if you want chrome or brass effect in the comments section of the checkout.

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Cold air finds its way in through every available gap, and it is surprising what a draught comes through keyholes. This keyhole cover is easy to fit – simply attach it over the keyhole. The disc at the front swings to the side so you can fit the key in, then it pops back into place as soon as you take the key out.

How to fit an escutcheon keyhole cover:

  1. Mark screw holes with a bradawl.
  2.  Screw keyhole cover to the door.

What is an escutcheon?

Escutcheon is such an unusual word for what is basically a keyhole cover but it originates from the world of fine furniture. The name also means a shield or shield-shaped emblem in heraldry terms. On pieces of furniture such as drawers or cabinets, the escutcheon is a piece of brass or other contrasting material such as wood or ivory, that surrounds the keyhole. The escutcheon does two jobs: it protects the wood around the keyhole, preventing it from being worn, and adds decoration to an ornate piece of furniture. Without the escutcheon there, the keyhole would just be an unsightly hole in the face of the door or drawer. The escutcheon transforms the keyhole and gives it a finished appearance.

In the case of these keyhole covers, they are designed to be a versatile keyhole cover to reduce draughts. They are available in brass or chrome.

1 review for Escutcheon Keyhole Cover Gold Effect / Chrome

  1. AK

    Another way to stop any draughts.

    Easy to fit.

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