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Extension Rod

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Extension Rod

(6 customer reviews)


When the distance from the opening of your fireplace to the chimney throat is greater than 30cm, Chimney Sheep’s extension rod will help you perfectly place your woollen draught stopper so that it performs at peak efficiency. It is the same as the complimentary rod that is included with your Chimney Sheep as standard, and as many rods as you like can be threaded together.

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Taking only seconds to fit, this handy extension rod measures 6” / 150mm and will screw into the handle + rod that come with your chimney draught excluder.

Chimney Sheep’s innovative collection of fireplace draught excluders should be placed at the bottom of your chimney flue in order to drastically reduce cold draughts in your home. But when a chimney throat is higher than 30cm, it can be difficult to reach into. You’ll find that an extension rod will make life a little easier for you, helping you to fit your Chimney Sheep precisely in the right location.

Usually it is easier to fit a larger Chimney Sheep lower down. However, if you need to reach a bit higher up the chimney to fit it, you can add extension rods to get the required length and instantly start to reduce cold draughts.

Should I be able to see the extension rod in my fireplace?

It’s important that a dangle can always be seen hanging in your fireplace when your Chimney Sheep draught stopper is installed. It comes with a complimentary perma-dangle but you can choose an ornamental dangle from our collection. This acts as a reminder that your Herdwick wool draught excluder is installed, in case you, or another family member would like to start a fire. The person who inserted the Chimney Sheep is not necessarily the person who will be lighting the next fire, so a hanging dangle must always be visible.

But don’t worry if the fire is accidentally lit as the chimney draft stopper is  fire retardant. It will smoulder a bit and the fire won’t draw properly, alerting the user to the fact that the Chimney Sheep is still present and must be carefully removed.

6 reviews for Extension Rod

  1. Rosemary Forrest

    Extension Rod

    As it turned out, we did not need it, but happy to have a reserve for possible future use.

  2. Mary Phillips

    Really easy to use and worth it

    Well made product and reasonably priced. They screw together very easily and mean that you can position the Chimney Sheep correctly no matter how high up your flue is.

  3. Patricia Sargent

    Made fitting easier

    These extension rods make fitting & removal so much easier. I have a difficult angled flue, which also has a fitted hood over an open dog grate. Made life so much easier, didn’t have to contort my body into strange angles to fit. Highly recommend getting extension rods.

  4. Max Wilson

    Works well.

  5. John Chalmers

    Well worth the money

    WE are so glad we bought the Extension Rod as it made the installation of the Chimney Sheep so much easier as where the best place to block off our flue was reasonable distance up from the throat of the flue

  6. B R

    Just the job!

    What can you say about an extension rod?
    It extends.. it fits eecurely to the other rod!

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