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Fair Trade Rubber Gloves

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Fair Trade Rubber Gloves

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These Fair Trade Rubber Gloves are for all you domestic gods & goddesses out there who want to shop a little more ethically. They are perfect for all sorts of household tasks from doing the dishes to washing the car. Made from sustainably sourced, natural rubber latex, the gloves have been specially formulated for increased protection to household detergents. They also have a cotton lining making sure your hands and that manicure you got last week will stay protected from heat and chemicals.

The natural rubber latex has been harvested by a small-scale farm in Sri Lanka as part of the Firstlight project. Firstlight ensures that these rubber farmers receive regular and fair payments as well as technical support and help with equipment.

Glove care: For domestic use only. Avoid contact with petrol, mineral oil, paraffin & turpentine substances. Store away from direct sunlight.

Size: Medium

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Natural rubber vs synthetic rubber

Our fair trade rubber gloves are made of 100% natural rubber, but a lot of rubber products are made from synthetic rubber. So what is the difference? Well, natural rubber (surprise, surprise) is derived from a natural source – the “rubber tree” or Hevea brasiliensis. Synthetic rubber on the other hand is made from petroleum-based chemicals, which as we all know, are really harmful to the environment and are contributing to global warming.

Natural rubber can also come with its challenges (we know, it’s a minefield isn’t it?!) with deforestation being the main concern. We would always suggest trying to buy rubber products that have been produced from a sustainable and ethical source to ensure it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our rubber gloves are a perfect example!


Where have these FairTrade Rubber Gloves been made?

These rubber gloves have been created using rubber from a small-scale farm in Sri Lanka that is part of the DPL’s Firstlight project. The natural rubber used to make these gloved is harvested by farmers who tap the trees in the early morning to get the best yields. By selling through Firstlight – which takes its name from the technique – the farmers know they will receive regular and fair payments, as well as technical support and help with their equipment. When buying these gloves, Firstlight also ensures that the impact reaches much further than this since the price paid also includes a development premium. This means that the benefit of fair trade can be felt by farmers and their communities.


How will your purchase of these Fair Trade Rubber Gloves help?

By purchasing this product you are helping to:

  • Invest in producers so they can grow their businesses
  • Develop new fair trade products
  • Give small-scale farmers access to new markets
  • Fight against fair trade rules.

And by buying these gloves through us, a proportion of the profits will go towards our Community Interest Company, Buy Land Plant Trees!

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1 review for Fair Trade Rubber Gloves

  1. Sue Collier

    Good value gloves

    I’m suffering with “Pandemic hands” from so much antibacterial gel and hand washing and consequently get through a lot of gloves. So I bought several pairs of these a few weeks ago and am very pleased with them. They are reasonably priced, already wearing much better than other brands I’ve tried, and it’s a big plus to be able to support Fair Trade.

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