Fat Ball Feeder


Fat balls are appealing to so many different varieties of birds, and they’re a great source of nutrition too. You can crumble them into seed mix on your bird table but this hanging fat ball feeder is the perfect way to serve these tasty treats.

This Fat Ball Feeder is the easiest way for your visiting wild birds to get the food they need, all the year round.

What makes it so special?

It’s been carefully designed to hold the balls safely and firmly, with a tray below to catch any crumbs. Every feeder has a carbon steel fitted lid and base, with a powder-coated carbon steel wire tube and a stainless steel handle.

The Feeders are easy to fill – just lift the lid and pop the fat balls inside.

Which fat balls should I use?

We will always recommend you serve Johnston & Jeff Fat Balls as they are healthy and nutritious and don’t contain any cheap bulking agents. They also don’t come wrapped in wasteful plastic nets. However, if you have found another brand you and the birds like and they do have net bags around them, don’t forget to remove them before you put them inside the feeder.

Can I use the feeder for anything else?

Not only is the Johnston & Jeff Fat Ball Feeder the perfect way to provide healthy, nutritious food for wild birds, you can help them make their nests warm and cosy too! Add a bag of our sheep wool nest material to your order and stuff it inside a Feeder so you can give all your feathered friends an easy way to collect some snuggly bedding.

Where should I put the feeder?

Be careful where you hang your Johnston & Jeff Fat Ball Feeder to keep potential predators at bay. Ideally, they should be hung from tall, thin strong poles which cats can’t climb, around two metres away from bushes or trees. And make sure, once you’ve started putting food and water out for the birds, that you continue. They come to rely on you and will even learn your feeding routines.

Where can I get some more advice on feeding the birds?

Don’t forget to clean and disinfect your bird feeders regularly. You can get more advice about boosting the bird population from the RSPB or from the Johnston & Jeff website. We also have a range of wildlife homes and feeding products so you can tempt more wildlife to your neighbourhood.