Felt Shillies for Garden Mulching 1kg / 1 square metre


Our chimney draught excluders are made to fit flues of all shapes and sizes, meaning that we’re quite often left with lots of scrap Herdwick felt. We hate waste at Chimney Sheep, so we cut the scraps into even smaller pieces and the result is a garden mulch that bears a pleasing resemblance to slate shillies.

What are the benefits of using biodegradable garden mulch?

Gardening mulch is commonly used to enrich the soil around plants, by acting as a protective shield from harsh temperatures and weather conditions. Just as the Chimney Sheep acts as an incredibly nifty draught proofing solution for your home, the highly durable and insulating properties of Herdwick wool, can also help to barricade soil and balance extreme temperatures

  • Naturally hygroscopic
  • An effective slug and snail deterrent
  • Similar appearance to slate shillies

What’s more? Unlike slate chippings and many other mulch materials, Herdwick wool is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture and releases it slowly. Choosing a garden mulch with excellent moisture retaining properties would therefore reduce the need for you to water your plants as much in the summer, whilst the protective wool shield deprives weeds of light.

How do I use biodegradable garden mulching shillies?

To make the most of your biodegradable shillies, simply pile them around delicate plants, in need of extra protection, or spread them across the soil of flower beds. Our felt shillies are sold in one-kilogram bags, which due to wool being such a light material, is enough to thoroughly cover approximately 1 square metre of soil.

Does wool garden mulch help to deter slugs and snails?

Yes, the the prickly surface of the wool does act as a natural slug repellent. However, to increase your felt shillies snail and slug repelling properties, Chimney Sheep recommend that you also try this simple recipe for slug repelling garlic water.

  1. Firstly, crush and then boil two bulbs of garlic to a pulp, in two pints of water.
  2. Sieve the mixture and then top it back up to two pints, using cold water.
  3. Leave the mixture to cool and store in a container (e.g plastic milk container).
  4. When ready to use, dilute two tablespoons of the mixture per gallon of water and then pour it over your felt shillies.