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Fairtrade Floral Metal Heart Dangle

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Fairtrade Floral Metal Heart Dangle

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These Fairtrade, pretty metal heart dangles come in a range of floral patterns and are the perfect Chimney Sheep® accessory. Each one is carefully made by hand, applying hand printed transfers onto the metal base, a tricky process which is carried out in water and which contributes to their wonderful handmade appeal.

We have six different designs which bound to brighten up any room:

  • Green with a red floral pattern
  • Pink with a red floral pattern
  • Blue with small flowers
  • Brown with pink flowers
  • Brown with butterflies
  • Red with a dark floral pattern

We will do a lucky dip and choose one at random for you (as they are all beautiful) but if you would like a particular one, just specify the colour and pattern in the ‘customer comments’ section during the checkout process.

Dimensions: 13cm x 9cm

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Why is it useful to attach a dangle to a Chimney Sheep®?

Although each of our Chimney Sheep® comes with a safety tag attached to the handle, our floral metal heart dangle will add an extra bit of ‘wow’ to your fireplace.

They also act as an extra reminder that there is a draught excluder in your chimney. This is really important because although Chimney Sheep® are fire retardant (and will give off a rather poignant scent to alert you if it is accidentally lit) if you wish to light your fire, you must ALWAYS remove your Chimney Sheep®.

The person who lights the fire, will not necessarily be the same person that inserted the Chimney Sheep® draught excluder, so a visible dangle acts as a great reminder that there is a Chimney Sheep®  and will eliminate any risk of your sheep getting a little hot and bothered!


How do I attach this floral metal heart dangle to my Chimney Sheep®?

To add it to your Chimney Sheep®, undo the chain on the safety dangle that says ‘don’t ewe forget about me’ (all our Chimney Sheep® come with these), thread it through the small hanging loop at the back of the dangle and re-fix it onto the Chimney Sheep® handle. Alternatively, un-knot the organic jute string and tie this around the handle.


Where is this floral metal heart dangle from?

These floral metal heart dangles have been made by hand by skilled artisans in Northern India.

We get our lovely heart dangles from a company called Namaste who are dedicated to sourcing beautiful fairly traded products from the far corners of the world, embracing traditional artisan skills. They are passionate about ensuring their products where possible are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials (so you can see why we love them so much!).

Have a look at some of our other Namaste dangles, like our tweedy owls and our red metal hearts!


Not sure which one to buy?

As they’re all so nice, if you can’t choose which one to buy we’ll send you a lucky dip! Otherwise, if you know exactly which one you’d like, please specify the colour and pattern in the ‘customer comments’ section during the checkout process.

4 reviews for Fairtrade Floral Metal Heart Dangle

  1. Caroline King

    Beautifully made

    Very pretty, feels great in my hand. I need to find some where to hang it as I now I have received my custom chimney sweep, the handles are very close to either side of the chimney, so the heart won’t work there. No matter, I love it and I will find the perfect spot

  2. Cath Scallon

    Pretty and understated.

    I love this beautifully made metal heart. The design is pretty and understated and the heart is a good reminder not to light the fire with the Chimney Sheep in place.

    If I have a niggle, it’s that I would really like to have chosen the best design to go with my decor, rather than a lucky dip, but I love the one I was sent, even if it wasn’t my first choice!

  3. Lee Jefferies

    Lovely Addition

    Well made and cute little thing that does it’s job perfectly

  4. Julieann Coombe

    Lovely hearts . So charming

    The whole collection is lovely. Again, the size is great. Not the more common christmas nordic design, these are quite individual and charming.

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